Thursday, September 6, 2012

Update and TMBT 2012

Just noted that I have not update my blog for almost one month.It must be due to my laziness.Life still the same for the past one month.It is work and occasionally doing some running.The sad feeling and the stress which I encounter last month after my nurse passed away is gradually fading away.I feel much better now but occasionally I still think of her especially during my lunch hour.Why?Because she was the person who usually go out to buy food for me,either for lunch or for the afternoon tea.Now I have to do it myself.Finally I managed to get two new nurses and managed to persuade my senior nurse to remain working by giving her a 50% increment of her monthly salary. 

My main race for this year is definitely TMBT which is something new to me.It is a trail run and it covers 50km.I have not done either a trail race or any run beyond 42km.So,I am definitely excited!!But the "negative points"are runners need to have many mandatory items listed by the organiser in order to participate.The second item I bought after my trail running shoes was a backpack (picture above)which I got it from Hong Kong.

**part of the RK-Mambau trail which involved some paths through rubber estates**

Then it was time to do some training which is definitely lacking, in term of mileage and proper trail running.The nearest place to run a trail is probably the Kepayang Hill near my house or the "newly discovered" route from RK to Mambau.Both are not truly suitable as the distance is quite short,narrow or too steep.So most of the time I will just do my training run on the normal tarred road around my housing area for a distance between 5 to 10km. 

Then an opportunity came along for me to run in a trail almost similar to those trail in TMBT.Steve and Uu Ban,both seasoned trail runners and hikers suggested that I joined them for a final training in G Nuang on Merdeka Day.I found this to be my last chance to train and at least to experience what it like to run a trail/in a  jungle.  
So,on a drizzling Merdeka morning,we drove to G Nuang at 5:00am.When we reached the park at the base of G Nuang,it was still dark.We started our run at 7:10am.It was relatively easy at the beginning.

**This is the official route which we are going to run on 15th September.Can't really make out much from this map but I know it will involved many ups and downs for the 50km route.**

Our plan for the day was to do three loops from the G Nuang park towards the first sight of the river and back to the park.One loop covers a distance of 9.4km.Uu Ban and Steve had successfully ran 2 loops previously.After five and a half hours (time taken included stops for foods and drinks),we managed to complete a total of 28km.

It was a tiring run.I found it to be difficult probably because I am not as fit as my other two TMBT comrades.During the 3rd loop,I suffered from muscle cramp on my both thighs and I was walking very slow throughout.However I found this Nuang running a truly valuable experience which may be useful to  me next Saturday.I have to thank fellow TMBT comrades Steve and Uu Ban for this.It was a pity that fellow comrade YS was busy and unable to join us for this final training.However I am sure Uu Ban,Steve,YS and myself will be able to complete our maiden TMBT 50km ultramarathon on 15th September within the cut off time of 15 hours.    

To fellow TMBT comrades,together we will walk,run,climb,enjoy and suffer the trail and jungle of Sabah next Saturday.Looking forward to this new challenge and experience.Good luck and all the best.

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