Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Adidas King Of The Road-2012

A "stress free" running event for me.I ran the same event last year at the same venue and this year,my focus and "worries" are more towards my maiden 50km TMBT on Saturday.I did not do any specific training for this 16.8km run,none tempo or any speed training.Just my usual normal run around my housing area.That's explained my poor result compared to the rest of the S2 runners.

The event is quite well organised except for some delay at the start.The route is flat with adequate water stations and distance markers.However the absence of Tey in this year event is significant as I can't find much pictures of this event on Facebook.

KOTR results S2 runners:

Teng Yee Hong 1:26:58

Lim Tee Kiap 1:27:24

Lau Thien Cheong:1:29:49

Azizul Manaf 1:30:32

Suraya Ahmad 1:31:22

Foo Yuen Cheng 1:31:37

Liau Kok Keon 1:31:40

Steve Yap (Yee running using his bibs) 1:34:18

Heng 1:48:11

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