Friday, August 10, 2012

The End Of A Stressful Week.

Today I conquer pain and I won!!I hope it will be that way from now on.I have been taking painkiller on daily basis for the past one week.I know it is not a good practice to self treat with painkillers but I just couldn't bear with the headache.I have never experienced such a bad headache which struck me daily from mid morning until night.

This started exactly one week ago,last Friday when I was waken up by a phone call at 6:15am informing me that my 22 years old nurse has passed away from drowning.I was shocked by her sudden dead.She was my best staff:a quick learner,efficient and not lazy.She was the only staff whom I did not scold.To make the situation bad,my permanent staffs put in her resignation-one new staff resigned within 24 hours and my long serving staff gave one month notice.I only left with two part time nurses.

To relieve stress,I went for a run.When I sweat it out,I feel much better and surprising I did more runs when I am under stress.

Saturday: Did a short trail run with the S2 group.We ran up and around Kepayang Hills for almost 2 hours.It was a strenuous work up under the hot evening weather.

Monday:Did a short 10km around RK.It was a slow run,more like a personal time away from home searching solutions for my problems.

Wednesday:Did another 10km run around RK.Slow run at 6.5 minutes/km.Body was moving but the mind was focusing on something else. 

Friday:Together with Yee,we went around RK trying out a new trail route through rubber estate and hills.

Now,hope everything will be back to normal again.Just wasted too much time with all the unexpected events in life.

To my dear nurse Vicky,may your soul rest in peace.It is very sad that you died so young,there are many things in life waiting for you but God decided to bring you along at such an early stage in life.You will always be in our heart.