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TMBT 2012-update

Recently I received an email from the organiser of TMBT.A long email and I was quite worried when it mentioned 1-2 river crossing along the running route.Sounds tough and I don't like water!! 

Dear competitors,

This is a April update for TMBT 2012 competitors who have officially registered and paid for their race slots for TMBT 2012, scheduled for the 15th September 2012.

Some important updates for you in this email. This is a LONG email update, so please, take your time, read it carefully. If you have questions, feel free to drop us an email. Please note the SAC will be closed between the 19th April-23rd April and then again from the 27th April-3rd May 2012 as we are in the midst of preparing for the Special Forces Ultra 200k Marathon in Borneo. We will endeavour to get around to replying to your email if there is a query and we thank you for your patience and understanding if our replies are significantly slower than usual.

1. Please find attached a basic goggle earth snap shot of recommended accomodations for competitors pre-race and post-race as well as the locations of the accomodations in relation to the Kinabalu Park Headquarters and the boarding point for mini buses to the START location for the 25k, 50k and 100k.

2. We have NOT released any race course routes or notes to any competitor in any category so please beware if anyone claims to know the race course route for TMBT 2012 and claims to know where the 25k, 50k and 100k will be starting and finishing. At no time have we released any information to anyone outside of the organizing circle of race directors and the information will remain unknown to anyone outside of the organizing team until such time we are ready to share the race course START/FINISH points for all categories in early August 2012.

Much of the finalization of the actual race course route will depend on the weather conditions as we head into August and on risk assessments carried out by our team ahead of the race between now and August. As you know, the TMBT race course is organized on village tracks, roads and trails so much of our decision making will be done closer to the race date once we are happy there are no major issues we need to be concerned about pertaining to the race course and safety of competitors on that race course.

3. The mandatory kit list for TMBT 2012 is attached for your reference. As you know, you will be on your own for the most part on the race course with little assistance or marshalls to guide you. This is a race and race course developed for experinced competitors so please do not expect hot soup, and meals at every check point as this is not what the TMBT concept is about.

The basic mandatory kit is essential and will contribute to the success and safety for you in completing the 25k, 50k or 100k categories of the race. We will be very stringent in our checks and will not allow any competitor to start the event without the mandatory kit as this not only puts you in a difficult situation should you be in need of assistance on the race course but will also make our job difficult.

Respect the mandatory kit list and abide by it.

4. Mobile phones are allowed on the race course as an added safety device. However, we strongly urge you to ensure your phone is enclosed in a water proof bag or ziplock bag and it is securely sealed as there are 1-2 river crossings.

5. The promised list of recommended accomodations for pre-race/post-race accomodations is now available. It is attached with this email for your reference.

You are responsible for making your own reservations and so forth. If you have a question relating to the accomodations, do drop us an email and we will do our best to assist you in answering your question.

There are of course, many other smaller lodges, back packer lodges and homestay's NOT listed in the list. It simply is impossible for us to list every accomodation in the area so do be cautious when booking any accomodation and always check online for reviews by other people who have stayed at these lodges or back packer accomodations.

6. For 25k and 50k competitors post race, if you plan on staying at any of these accomodations and need a drop off at any of these locations, we can and will assist you in dropping you off at these selected accomodations at the end of the race. HOWEVER, we cannot organize transport for you back to Kota Kinabalu and this needs to be arranged on your own.

7.For those competitors who have PARKED their car's at the Kinabalu Park parking space at the KOKTAS restaurant, the van will drop you off back at this location, if you are in the 25k, 50k or 100k category. This is also the boarding location for the 25k, 50k and 100k categories.

We know a number of local runners and competitors flying into Sabah will be renting cars or driving themselves up to Kundasang/Kinabalu Park Headquarters and will be parking their vehicles in the parking area so you can request for the van to drop you off at the KOKTAS parking area after the race.

8.For competitors in the 25k and 50k who have arranged accomodations in Kota Kinabalu, our vans will do shuttle trips on a staggered system to send you back to Kota Kinabalu. The last transport leaves for Kota Kinabalu at 20:00 and we really do not expect any 50k competitors to be on the race course beyond this hour.

9. Our entry fee rates include post-race accomodation for the 100k category competitors and this "promotion" will end at 18:00 on the 30th April 2012.

Competitors registering AFTER this date will need to arrange their own accomodations in Kota Kinabalu or Kundasang and inform us during official registration where they need the van to drop them off in either Kundasang (we are not transporting anyone beyond Kundasang Village so please understand Ranau, Mesilau or resorts on the way to Mesilau Resort are off the radar for our transports) or in Kota Kinabalu at any of the following locations ONLY:

1) 1 Borneo

2) Down town Kota Kinabalu

3) Sutera Harbour Resorts

4) Tanjung Aru Town (Crown Borneo/Mega D'Aru Hotel)

Any deviation or requests to send competitors to alternative locations will incur additional costs ranging from RM50-RM250.00 depending on the locations so please be practical in your decision making as far as selection of accomodations.

10) For competitors in the 100k who have signed up and completed full payment, we will be putting you up in one of two hotels in the Tanjung Aru (Hotel Mega D'Aru and the soon to be announced hotel which will be opening it's doors shortly) on the 16th September 2012.

11) For competitors who FINISH the 100k early on the 15th September (elite runners), the last transport departs to Kota Kinabalu at 21:00 regardless if it is full or not. All other competitors will be accomodated in basic tents and hot meals (local dishes) will be made available through the night for you. We will also transport your FINISH bags to the finish location so you can shower and change out of your clothes. But those who finish after 21:00 will stay the night at the finish point and only be transported back to Kota Kinabalu the following morning after 6:00am.

We have taken in your comments on how to improve the finish rest area from those of you who competed in TMBT 2011 and will strive to improve the comfort for those of you who finish on the 15th September and need to crash out at the finish line for the night.

Accomodation will be made available for competitors on the 16th September 2012 at Hotel Mega D'Aru and another soon to be announced hotel (we are waiting for the hotel to complete final renovations before it has its official opening)

12) Shuttle buses from Kota Kinabalu to Kinabalu Park Headquarters-14th September 2012

I have had more input from runners who have started sharing information on their arrival times and we now can see a better response to demand to transport to get to Kinabalu Park Headquarters for the official registration and official briefing on the 14th September 2012.

As planned, we will open registration for the bus transfers on the 1st July 2012 and the transfer cost is expected to be RM38 per person per way.

We will have departures based on the following times/locations (this is a revised departure time):

12:30 KKIA2

13:00 KKIA1

14:00 Hotel Mega D'Aru, Tanjung Aru

We will not accept any "add on's" on the day and all buses will be issued with a name list of competitors who have paid for and booked seats on the relevant buses. All payments for the bus transfers will be colllected at the official registration desk when you arrive to register.

For competitors arriving on later flights or have made their own arrangements to get to Kinabalu park, please note the following times for registration and the official briefing:

14th September 2012

Registration: 15:00-19:25

Official Briefing: 19:30 (there will be only 1 briefing conducted for all competitors and it is expected to last at least 2 hours with a question and answer session).

13) We, after a long discussion on quota's and numbers to allow on the 2012 race course will be amending the quota downwards and reducing the number of runners we will allow on the 2012 race course.

As such,

The new quota limits are:

100k-150 runners

50k-100 runners

25k-100 runners

For Malaysians, we will be closing registrations for the 100k on the 30th April 2012 as we believe the large percentage of Malaysians competing in this year's 2012 edition of the event allows for a balance of Malaysian vs Non-Malaysian ultra runners and there should be a fair balance of Malaysian vs Non Malaysian runners in the event.

All other categories will close once the 50k and 25k are filled up according to the new revised numbers stated above and we will not be taking on anymore runners beyond the agreed numbers above for safety reasons and also to ensure we are able to handle the volume of runners who will be on the race course without wanting to damage too badly some of trails and routes we will be using.

There will be more information released in due course and I thank you for your patience with this very long email and your co-operation in understanding the logistics and details which needed to be covered so you had the correct and accurate information in relation to the TMBT 2012.

Have a great May ahead and happy labour day holidays to everyone. In the mean time, please enjoy some of the wonderful photos from Sabah Adventure Challenge 2012 Ultra 60k as we celebrate our 14th year of the SAC.

Aman Avtar S.Sandhu

Race Director

TMBT 2012

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