Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Don't Run With A Handphone

How many of us do carry a handphone while running?I do.I have been carrying my Samsung handphone in a running pouch during training for the past few months.It didn't bother me until last Sunday.

Three days ago,I joined my running mates for a 32 km running.Lau noticed me carrying a handphone in my water belt when I used my handphone to snap a picture of the group.

L-R:Teng.Uuban,Lau,Lim and Azmi.Picture taken in front of my house during a stop for water with Azmi,the young man in black outfit.He is new to running long distance and he broke his personal record by running more than 21km on that day.

According to Lau,it is not advisable to run with a handphone as the gadget will drain out our body energy causing easy fatigue.Initially,I did not believe what he said.He offered to prove it to me after the run.

1)Stand with our right arm fully extended,90 degree to our body.

2)Resist as hard as possible when a friend try to push downwards your extended arm.Note the amount of strength needed.

3)Hold a handphone on your left hand.

4)Repeat the same action,resist as hard as possible when your friend try to push down your extended arm.Note the amount of strength needed now compared to earlier when you are not holding a handphone.

You will notice,at least I did,that you will feel weaker when you are holding a handphone.

I was shocked!!There must be something to do with electromagnetic field etc...I am not sure. I know why I can't run fast...ha..ha...ha...Just another lame excuse!But seriously,I think one should keep all the electrical devices away from our body most of the time.There must be some negative effects to our body which will only manifest in many years to come.

Prevention is better than cure.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Brooks Half Marathon 2012

Race:Brooks Half Marathon
Date:11th March 2012
Venue:National Stadium Bukit Jalil

This is my 3rd race for 2012 after Newton and Blossom Run recently.This time it was Teng who drove five of us (myself,Lau,Teh,Lim and Heng) to Bukit Jalil. We started our journey very early in the morning,at 4:00am as the race was schedule to start at 5:30am.Upon reaching Bukit Jalil,there was a long queue of cars trying to enter the parking lots.We were late,it was 5:20am and we still couldn't get into the parking lots.Out of desperation,Teng parked his car by the road side.
From R-L:Teh,Heng,myself,Teng and Lau posing before the start of the run.We couldn't locate Lim who separated from us earlier.
The run started about 10 minutes late and as usual Teng "pia"off immediately in his attempt to do a 1h 45m finishing time.The rest of us were together for the first 5 minutes before we lost each other in the massive crowd.The route took us to some housing areas,along some busy roads and highways,through some long steep quiet roads and finally back to the nice running track inside the National Stadium.
Certain part of the route was poorly lit and one of my friend/patient sustained some injury to her knee and palms after she fall during her 10km run.As for me,it was an enjoyable,comfortable and stress free Sunday morning run as there was no time target to meet.
Post run picture taken with Eric,the humble guy in the middle of the picture.He did 2h 4min.We met up with a few members of the Seremban Endurance Runners group where one of the them managed to win some prizes for coming in 3rd for the Men Veteran category.Congratulation!!
However,our group didn't perform that well.Teng only managed to finish in 2 hours,about 15 minutes off his targeted time.Lim did 2h 3min,myself 2h 9min,Lau 2h 16min,Teh 2h 20min and Heng 2h 27min.Personally I think our finishing time reflected upon on how much and how serious each of us train.For me,I am quite satisfied with my result.
Conclusion of the event:
1)Enjoyable run.Well organised with adequate water stations and plenty of unlimited supply of foods and drinks after the run.This is the first time I see so much foods offered to runners after a run.
2)Challenging route with plenty of ups and downs.

Things to improve in the future:
1)Make sure the route is brightly lit.
2)Parking.I heard the long queue of cars trying to get into the parking lots was due to someone trying to collect the parking fees.Maybe they should collect the fee when the cars exited after the run.
Thanks to Taman Bukit Jalil Running Club for organising the run.
Looking forward to another run next year.