Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bukit Kepayang Blossom Run 2012

Bukit Kepayang Blossom Run
Oakland,Seremban 2
Distance:8km...but turned out to be 9km,according to Lau's GPS
Time:6:45am...but only starts at 7:25am!

***Warming up session...

Yesterday,during the routine email exchange between S2 runners,I noticed my blog has not been updated for almost 2 months.Probably I am too engrossed with other activities and have lost interest in running and updating my blog.Need to keep my blog alive..

So I decided to write up on my second run for this year;a run organised by DAP (a political party).

***The VIPs...from left YB Cha (ADUN Kepayang...that's the ADUN for my area) and the guy wearing a cap and drinking is Dr.Chen Man Hin (a DAP veteran).

***Quite a good turn out this year.Seems like this run has attracted some attention with few runners coming all the way from Kuala Lumpur and I even saw a fit African runner!.However the run started late.It stated 6:45am in the registration form but the run only starts at 7:25am.That's Malysian time...Malaysia Boleh!!

I was with Teng in the Men Open category while Lau, Uu Ban and Teh were in Men Veteran Category.I did not see Heng...wonder where he has disappeared to.

Teng sprinted off immediately after Dr Chen flagged off the run.Within one minute,he was out from my sight.

Uu Ban and Lau caught up with me soon despite starting a few minutes later.They have been training hard and have definitely improved a lot judging from the way they "pia".

Unfortunately Uu Ban,being a potential top 10 winners suffered a cramp half way through the run,probably due to him trying out his new Vibram shoes.

The route took us around Seremban 2 from Oakland to S2 sports complex to S2 police station then towards junction of Rasah Kemayan and then to Jusco and back to Oakland.

***With Teng on my right and Lau.Lau won some prize after coming in number 8 in his category.Congratulations!This is his second year winning in the same event.


Nice short run for a Sunday morning.

Should have start on time.

Nice meeting up with members of Seremban Endurance Runners.