Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Newton New Year Challenge 2012

This is my first race for 2012:The Newton Challenge 2012.This is the second time they are organising this run.The first run was in 2010 and I could only remember it was very hot on race day and there were many hills and slopes.

++Clockwise:Myself,Yee,Lau,Lim and wife,Heng,Teng,Uu Ban,Francis and Steve.Photo taken at Lim's house on New Year Eve.It was a small gathering for the S2 runners and also a carbo loading session for most of us who are running the Newton 25km New Year Challenge.

After the "makan" session at Lim's house and watching Manchester United losing to a bottom club (hooray!!....sorry guys,I am not a MU fan),I tried to get some sleep.My sleep was interrupted by frequent New Year wishes SMS from friends and my neighbours welcoming the new year with fireworks.However I still managed to get about 3 hours of sleep.

Woke up at 2:45am and left my home for Kuala Lumpur at 3:45am while my whole family was still sleeping.Must be crazy doing this on the 1st day of 2012.Or passion??

++Photo by Tey who always turn up at running events to give support to runners.Thanks a lot!

This year turn out wasn't that great judging from the crowd of runners,probably due to New Year.I started the run together with Steve,Lim,Lau and Eric.Teng and Francis were standing in front...the elites.

Immediately after the start,Lim and Eric surged ahead.I couldn't see them but only managed to get a glimpse of Lau.I wondered why they were running so fast?Were they running fast or was it me that was slow?After some reflection,I think it was me and the lack of training.

The initial strategy was to follow Eric "quietly" from the back,keeping the distance to about 50 metres.However Eric was too fast from the start and I ended up with my plan B--to follow Lau.This strategy of quietly/secretly follow a better trained running friend will at least ensure me finishing in a decent time as proven in previous runs like Malakoff 12km.

++Photo taken near the ending of the run.I was surprised to see Uu Ban who came to support us by snapping pictures for S2 runners .He was with Teng cheering me near the finishing line.Thanks Uu Ban.

However I think Lau did noticed me trailing him when we make U turns along the route.It is a normal nature of runners wanting to be better than their friends.So it was not surprised to see Lau started to pick up momentum after each U turn.I was trying hard to keep him within my sight but I finally gave up as the distance between us grew wider.

Most of us improved on our finishing time compared to previous year.I think the good weather this year do help.

++From L-R:Lim,myself,Lau,Francis and Alice.Photo taken while waiting for Heng.He was supposed to follow me back to Seremban.Later we discovered that he finished the run late because he wasn't feeling well.

The group finishing time :
1)Francis 1h 52m

2)Teng 2h 09m

3)Eric 2h16m

4)Lim 2h 23m

5)Lau 2h 27m

6)Myself 2h 28m

7)Heng 2h 46m

8)Steve 2h 48m

9)Alice 1h 10m for 12km

++The finishing medal...simple but without mentioning of the distance.I presumed the organiser gave out the same medals for the 25km and the 12km category.


1)Challenging route with many hills and slopes.

2)Most water station are without isotonic drinks.

3)No distance markers throughout the route.Very bad!!!Seems like the organiser has never learn from past experiences and feedback from runners.Not all runners have GPS watch.

4)No goodies bag after the run!??Only got a bottle of mineral water immediately after finishing.

5)The organiser did a good job by starting the run at an earlier time to avoid the late morning heat.Last year many runners were "roasted" by the extreme heat.