Monday, October 31, 2011

PJ Half Marathon

I did not take part in this run but the rest of my group-Lim,Lau,Heng and Teng went for the run.Their participation was decided at the last minute.Initially non of our group members were interested in this run.For whatever reasons,Lim decided to run and requested Lau to help him to collect the running bibs.This created some interest in Lau and eventually Teng and Heng joined too.

I am currently having a very tight working schedule and have to balance up my weekends for running and working.I decided not to join as my weekends are fully occupied until the end of this year.

I was working on the race day and at 9:35am the first SMS came in from Lim informing me of the group results.It was nice to be kept up to date even I did not take part in the run.Everyone did well.

Lau got his PB.CONGRATULATIONS!his time was 1:53.Looks like all his frequent training has produced some good results.

Lim 1:58.His "mission" to "beat"Lau was a failure.In our frequent daily email exchange among us,Lim described Lau as the person to "beat" at this moment as Lau is at his best form.

Teng 1:59.A PB too.There is plenty of room for improvement in Teng as he is still new to running and he is still young.

Heng 2:0?.Heng is past his prime time.Currently he is running for fun only.Doesn't really train.

Well done guys!!

Keep running and maintain the friendly competitive spirit!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Putrajaya Night Marathon 2011

Event:Putrajaya Night Marathon


Date:15th Oct 2011


Continuing my story from the previous post......

Steve came to pick me up from my house before joining the rest of S2 runners in Acacia.We were late.I presumed Heng and Teng were getting restless as they need to be in Putrajaya earlier for their 42km event.

Just after exiting Seremban toll,we were caught in a long traffic jam due to two road accidents along the Seremban-KL Highway.Later we lost "our way" in Putrajaya due to a missed turning.Once we found the location of the event,we were unable to look for a parking place.It was almost 7:30pm and I am sure Heng and Teng were definitely started to panic.Teng parked his car by a road side while we continue to look for a proper parking lot.

I did not managed to speak to Heng or Teng as they were in a hurry to be at the starting line before 8:00pm.Steve,Lau and myself were running the half marathon which only start at 8:20pm.

We walked to the event venue,did some short warm up,went for a toilet break and bought myself a pair of Brooks running shoes.

Our half marathon event was at 8:20pm.We were together at the starting line.Immediately after the start,Lau surged ahead as he was planning to do a PB.I was running slowly due to some stomach discomfort probably due to consuming too much of 100Plus and Power bar.

The route is generally flat with few up slopes which it manageable.The organizer did well by providing adequate water stations,bananas,water melons,cheering groups with drums,men in superheros costumes cheering runners-I saw Superman,Incredible Hulk,Batman encouraging runners.There were also music stations along the route.Very good!!

Everything seems perfect for runners on that day but not for me.Personally I think the weather was a bit too hot and humid since I used to spend most of my time in an air conditioned room.My mind was not set to concentrate on running.The incident that happened 3 hours earlier keep on flashing back in my mind while I was running.It was like a "brainstorming,flash back session" playing inside my mind throughout the run.I was like looking for answers to why the guy wanted to fight with me,what if I do this or that,what should I do in the future if this recurs etc.....a lot of if,how,why and unanswerable questions.

I knew it was not my day to finish with a good results.I decided just to run at my usual LSD pace throughout the race.It wasn't very taxing to my body.The pace was comfortable.

The results (unofficial):

1)Teng 4h 57min FM

2)Heng 5h 22min FM

3)Lau 2h 4min HM He did very well but he wasn't satisfied since he did not achieve his PB.I think it was a bit difficult to do PB in such a hot humid condition.

4)Steve 2h 16min HM He did very well too!!He has improved a lot.Must have been his "secret"training sessions.He trained mostly by himself nowadays due to his busy schedule.

5)Myself 2h 13min 37sec HM

Overall it was a very well organized race.The organizer did make an effort to provide more for runners.Once I cross the finishing line,I was given a medal,a pack of foods(banana,bun and kueh),a bottle of mineral water and a nice bright red finisher T shirt.Everything was in order.Good!!

The only "setback" was the very small distance marker along the route.It was a piece of dark paper sticked on to a big white board.Maybe next time the organiser should provide a bigger,easier to see distance marker.

The official results:


Sunday, October 16, 2011

3 Hours Before PNM 2011

What a lousy day!!!I was getting ready to go to Putrajaya Night Marathon when I received a phone call from my wife informing me that she was involved in an accident near our house.Immediately I rushed to the scene which was about 5 minutes from my house.

When I arrived at the accident scene,I tried to make a U turn to get across to the other side of the road.However a car at the back of me honked at me and the driver was very angry at me for slowing down to make an U turn.He claimed that my action almost cause his car to collide with my car.This man was very rude..he was cursing and showing his middle finger to me.I was trying reason with him but he won't listen.He was cursing and started to challenge me for a fight.I was angry too.I too cursed him with the F words.

He was really angry.He seems not satisfied since I refused to fight with him.He went back to his car,re parked it at the road side and started to come back to me.I was trying to call for the tow truck,my insurance man and the police while this man continue to curse me in front of everyone.He was provoking me for a fight.This man is a pain in the ass!!!

The lorry driver who knocked into my Perdana was very quiet and polite.He told me that he can't brake in time at the traffic light.

Knowing this man was getting more aggressive,I apologised to him.I said "I am sorry and lets settle this.I don't want to fight."He calmed down after I apologised.Then he too apologised for being rude.What pissed me off was what he said:

"I am a vegetarian.I am a man of peace.I don't like to fight"

Immediately I told him "What you said doesn't reflect by your action.The first thing that came out from your mouth was the F word and the middle finger sign."

He then tried to reason with me why he use the F word,why he showed his middle finger to me.I just told him to forget it.I got other more urgent matters to settle at that moment.He just drove off.

That reminds me of another incident last month.An African student came to see me with an injury to his forearm.It was a deep cut and I advised him to seek treatment in hospital.He refused and he wanted me to treat him.So I spent the next half an hour cleaning and suturing his wound while many other patients were waiting outside my room.

After finishing the treatment and after getting his medications,he told my staffs that he has no money.He came into my consultation room and said he can't pay since has no money.

What pissed me off was the way he talked to me.

"Doc...are you a Christian?I am a Christan.Christian don't lie.You trust me.I will pay you tomorrow."

Since there were many other patients outside,I wouldn't want to talk too much with this African.I told him that I believe him and he will come back tomorrow.

However he did not return until today.

What really annoyed me is the attitude of certain people who tried to portray themselves as the goody,holy and sin free kind of person but their action did not reflect what they want to portray.These are the hypocrites!!They are bringing shame to others..." of peace...Christians don't lie".

Back to the accident:Thank God no one was hurt.My wife and my 2 girls who were coming back from church were not injured.The car was badly damaged.The car can't moved after the accident.

I was emotionally angry with the man who was trying to pick up a fight with me.At one point,I wasn't sure if I wanted to go to Putrajaya for the run.Steve,Heng,Teng and Lau were waiting at Acacia.Finally we left Seremban at 6:15 pm...15 minutes late from our schedule.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Adidas King of The Road

Event:Adidas King of The Road
Place:Sunway Pyramid/New Pantai Expressway

**Picture taken outside the Sunway Hotel before the race.We were waiting for the race to start.Front row:L-R:Lau,Uu Ban,Teng.Back Row:L-R:Steve,Heng and myself.

I am glad that I took part in this race.Initially I wasn't sure since I needed to change my working schedule and I was having problems retrieving Heng's registration.The plan was to allow Heng to run using my bibs if I was unable to get any positive reply from Hivelocity Singapore.Finally Hivelocity managed to find Heng's race registration but his allocated vest size was wrong.He was given a L size vest for his S size frame.He did grumble about it.

We were early on Sunday morning.Lau decided to leave Seremban early to avoid some road closure ahead of the race.When we arrived at 5:30am,we met up with Uu Ban and his group in front of Sunway Hotel before headed to the starting point.

There was a big crowd,mostly young runners:teenagers or those in 20s.I couldn't see many "uncles or aunties".Probably we are the seniors on that day.

The race start at 6:45am.I was with the S2 runners at the starting line (except for Heng who like to go off by himself).We were joined by Eric,who at usual was very humble and modest of his running ability.

The route was a complete circle along the New Pantai Expressway.It was a slow start for me while the rest of S2 runners surged ahead.As I gathered my running momentum after the first water station at 3km mark,I increased my pace.Then I overtook Lau and was tailing Eric.Met up with Liau (from Melaka) and had a brief chat with him about previous night English Premier League football results.

The whole route was generally flat except for a few slopes of fly over.Nothing much to see along the route.The were adequate water stations and distance markers along the way.

The weather was nice on Sunday.I overtook Eric somewhere along the way(can't remember exactly) and I knew he was trailing me closely.Finally he overtook me at the last water station,at he 15km mark.I tried to increase my pace to keep up with him but I could not.He was speeding ahead.That guy (Eric) can really run!!

It was a short run and it ended after 90 minutes of running.I finished with a time of 1h 30 min 53 sec (from my own stop watch reading).The results for the rest of the group(unofficial):

1)Uu Ban:1h 28m.Very good results despite running River Jungle Marathon one week earlier.

2)Eric:1h 30m.Very good results despite his age.

3)Lau:1h 35m

4)Teng:1h 40m

5)Steve:1h 45m

6)Heng:1h 50m

***Picture taken using my old Sony Ericsson's hand phone while waiting for the rest of the S2 runners.Ever since I lost my camera/hand phone during Seremban Half Marathon,I decided not to bring my camera and any new hand phone for any run.I noticed many runners were using their latest touch screen model hand phone to snap pictures after the run.I was undecided if I wanted to take out my old hand phone....feeling kind of shy and inferior carrying this old model hand phone.When I asked a runner to snap a picture of me using my hand phone,he took some time to do it."Uncle,cannot this button ah?".I feel so old when they call me uncle!Carrying around this old model hand phone even make me feel older.Ha..ha..ha...

Good points of the run:

1)Nice bright Adidas Running vest.

2)Nice finisher medal.

3)Plenty of bananas and drinks after the run.

4)Adequate water stations and distance markers along the route.

Personally I think the organiser did a good job this year.It was a fun and memorable run for me and for the S2 group members too, especially Lau.He was so "fired up"after the run...and he decided to sign up for the coming Nike 10km Run and the Malakoff 12km Run!!