Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hivelocity Singapore...Lousy!

Poor customer service!!This goes to Hivelocity Singapore.I couldn't find Heng's registration for this weekend Adidas King of The Road race despite looking all over my email,going through my previous months credit card statement just to make sure that I have indeed pay up for Heng.

So,I email to Hivelocity last Friday as instructed in their FAQs page on the Adidas KOTR website.I was expecting a fast reply from them as I have always believe Singaporeans are disciplined and have good working culture.

However I waited until Tuesday (2 days ago) and yet no news from them.Heng was getting worried.Lau who is going to collect our running race packs today was becoming "restless".

I decided to ask my sister in Singapore to phone Hivelocity just to settle the matter.The case of missing confirmation letter was finally settled just with a phone call.Heng's registration is in their system but it did not show up when I tried to retrieve it from their website.

The issue here is....please read and answer all emails especially so if you (Hivelocity) asked us to email you for help.Don't sleep on your job!

This is from their FAQs page:

13.What should I do if I do not receive my race confirmation slip after registration and payment?
Registrants may go to this link to view their confirmation slip and registration details: Alternatively, registrants may send their personal details (Name, NRIC/ Passport No. and Mobile No) to

However I do have three good encounters today.

The first was a very prompt reply from an Australian College regarding my applications.I email them at 7:10am today before I went off for a short 5km run.When I reached home,I saw their reply email.That was super fast!!I am very happy.

The second positive encounter was at JPJ Seremban.I did not expect renewing a driving licence for my wife and getting it translated to English (as I am going for a holiday in New Zealand) only took less than 30 minutes.The lady at the counter was so polite,she even call me "sir".She even re laminated my old driving licence without me asking.This is a superb service from a government department. Never really expect this kind of service.

The third positive encounter was from the honest Acacia (the place where we use to start our weekend long runs) security guards.Last Sunday I dropped my driving licence at Acacia just before we started on our "long run"(did not really complete the run as it started to rain heavily).The guard who found my wet driving licence decided to keep it in the guard house.They returned it to me today.I was so grateful so I bought them some fruits.In fact they can just ignored an old wet driving licence on the road.They can just throw it away but they did not.

One bad experience but three happy good encounters.

Hope for a good run this Sunday:Adidas King of The Road.

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