Saturday, May 21, 2011

Stop Animal Abuse In Malaysia : Online Petition

Let's support this on line petition:

Stop Animal Abuse In Malaysia : Online Petition: "Sign the online petition to stop animal abuse and cruelty in Malaysia with tougher legislations, stricter enforcement and active prosecutions. Together, we can make a difference."

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Teachers Day:Which type are you?

Teachers...many have taught me during my school days.I have many good and bad memories of them.In fact I am still in contact with few of my former school teachers until today.They are the one who have bring positive impact to my life.

Generally,I think the teachers nowadays are less dedicated.They have no passion for teaching and never make much effort to go beyond teaching.They just go to school to teach and complete the syllabus/teaching schedule,regardless if the class do really understand what was taught.Many do not show much interest to come back to school after school hours.They find this as an extra burden to them.However they are willing to give tuition in return for some extra income after school hour.

A lot of teachers whom I spoke to complain of extra work loads,stress of teaching,unrewarding career and many others....all because there is no passion in them to teach.

These type of teachers will take the easy way out.They want the job and the pay but they refuse to put in much effort.They will go to school,teach some lessons,ignoring the fact that the students do not understand them and by mid day go back home to their own private world.

Have they ever make an effort to find out why some students are lacking behind?Most of the time..NO!The easy way out is just label the poor student as slow learner,problem student,stupid etc.

Have the teachers ever examine and do some soul searching themselves?Have they ever ask themselves if the method used was not right for the class?Have they ever blame themselves for the students failure to understand them?Most of the time...NO!It is always something is wrong with the students and nothing is wrong with the teachers.

By labelling a student as slow learner,problematic or stupid is like a "death sentence" to the student.Slowly this category of student will be abandoned ,ignored by teachers and eventually drop out from school.If the teacher thinks that certain students have problems in learning,did they ever take concrete steps to help them?How far and how willing are teachers go to help this kind of students?

Please don't take the easy way out!!I believe all children are born equally intelligent and are equal when they start going to school.Only the teachers and the education system "KILL" them.

The good teachers who has created impacted in my life and until today I can still remember them:

They give me encouragement and support.They advise me on what field to study.They even help me to apply for scholarships or study loans.They wrote for me a good referral letter.

The not so good teachers;plenty of them around during my time and I believe even more of them nowadays.

The sadists :The one who like to create fear among the students.Students are too scare to see this kind of teacher.When the students are scare and fearful,how are they going to learn from the teacher?

The racist:The one who like to make racist comments.During my time,this kind of teacher will most probably get away from punishment but nowadays with more educated parents and more students knowing of their rights,this kind of teacher should be barred from teaching.

The bad role model:The one who teaches something but they themselves do not practice it.An example was Cikgu Xxx Singh who taught me Science during my lower secondary.He advised students not to smoke but he was puffing away in school.

The less knowledgeable:The one who is not well verse in the subject which he suppose to teach.An example was Cikgu M who taught me Mathematics during my lower secondary.Since I have tuition in Mathematics,I usually find his lesson to be very bored.One day,he caught me for not paying attention and asked me to come to the front to solve some mathematics questions.I finished the questions easily and he was so surprised.He even asked me to show him how I got the answers using a different method not mentioned in the text book.

The business minded :The one whose mind is preoccupied with his business .An example was Cikgu L,a patient of mine who has a tuition center.She is aggressively promoting her tuition center to her students.Those students who take tuition from her will usually get good marks if the examination questions are prepared by this particular teacher.

The "mental problem" :Now that I can roughly tell who they are by observing and talking to them,I can see there are quite a number of them in school "terrorising" our children.They have some emotional problems or issues at home.They are not happy.They let out their anger and frustration at the school children.They shouted in class,easily get angry,using all types of negative words on children.These are the dangerous type of teachers who can cause mental stress and learning problems to school children.However many teachers will not admit their problems and refused to seek professional help.

The lazy:Plenty of them.You will see them usually on Monday or after Public Holiday when they come in pretending to be sick and looking for MCs.I still remember one particular teacher who used to come in to my class looking very tired during fasting month and openly declared to the class:"Cikgu letih lah hari ini...kamu orang buat kerja sendiri".Hooray!!

To those teachers out there,this is my advice to them:

1)Leave the profession if you have no interest.By holding on,this will create a lot of stress and unhappiness in your life.This will eventually make our children suffer in school and probably later in their life.

2)Seek professional help if you are the sadist type or the one with some mental or emotional problems.Don't let out the frustration on our poor children.

To those good and dedicated teachers,please keep up with the good works.Our children need more teachers like you.To those teachers who are serving in the interior,I salute you too!!Your sacrifice and suffering will be remember by the children in the interior.