Monday, January 31, 2011

Special Run-Photos

Here are some pictures taken by our "professional photographer",Steve Yap.I posted few pictures taken from his Facebook album.He is using a Nikon DSLR which is much much better than my compact Olympus camera.

**This is Steve waiting for his "targets" along a road inside the gated housing area of Acacia.You can see his brand new running shoes.He was sitting on the wet road!

**Picture of the senior and the junior:Yee and Teng.Yee who is recovering from an injury did some slow short distance run inside Acacia.I think he did 6km.Teng our newest member who is also the youngest member-only 30 years old.He completed 20km but did not really attempted to complete the remaining 12km due to some quadricep pain.He accompanied Yee during his short run...maybe "fishing"for some running tips.Ha..ha..ha...

**Somewhere inside Acacia.Special thanks to Steve for taking pictures of us running.In the process he only managed to complete 26km instead of the targeted 32km.Maybe in the future,if there is any run on special occasion,we can ask any of our family members to snap pictures for us.Any volunteers?Ha..ha...ha...

**Lim's children-cute and beautiful,going around serving Chinese New Year goodies for us.Maybe they wanted us to try their mummy freshly made biscuits.Another budding professional photographer with a DSLR was seen snapping lots of pictures.She is Lim's eldest daughter.

**Walking home after managing the water station.It was raining but the whole of Lim family came out to support Senior Lim run.

**Snapping some photos before "makan".Lim junior wearing a Liverpool jersey is a Liverpool supporter like his father.

**A much clearer and better group photo compared to the one I posted earlier.

**The last 5km...everyone was picking up momentum.Probably eager to finish fast in order to enjoy the breakfast.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Special Run

Event:Special Run
Place:Seremban 2 from Acacia to S2 Heights.

A special run organised by Lim today for the Seremban Group of runners.What is so special?

1)This run is a farewell run for Francis,our top runner who is moving to Penang.He is leaving for Penang tomorrow.
2)It is also a pre Chinese New Year gathering for us.
3)It is also the final long run for those going to run Hong Kong Marathon on 20th February 2011.

**Picture taken after the run in Lim's house.Not a very clear picture.
From L-R:Steve,myself,Lau,Yee,Lim,Francis and Teng.All of us are going to HK next month except for Yee and Teng.Yee is currently not running due to injury while Teng is training for his maiden marathon-The Energizer Night Marathon.

We started off at 5.00am.The weather was cool since it rained since last night.Only 6 of us started at 5.00am.Heng and KG who promised to join us did not turn up probably they overslept!

The route covered 2 loops of 10km each from Acacia to S2 height and back,making a total of 20km.The remaining 12 km was covered by running inside Acacia-a total of 6 laps of 2 km each.

**Lim's children serving CNY biscuits to Lau.Heng was at the back of Lau.He came later after we finished our run just to enjoy the "makan".Ha..ha..ha...joking.
Run review:
Comfortable run as the weather was very favourable.It rained from the start until the end of our run.Only drizzle and not heavy down pour.
Discovered that my fitness level is still OK despite not much of running or training lately.With current fitness,I think I can finished HK Marathon below 5 hours.Not going for any PB attempt.
Good to run along with Francis throughout the run especially the last 5km when we increased our pace to about 5.30min/km.I was panting but Francis was still very comfortable.That's the difference between and elite and an amateur.
Final distance covered was 32km according to Francis's GPS watch.

Special thanks to Lim and family for organising the run and the hospitality.Lim provided a good breakfast for all of us.Plenty of foods,drinks,CNY biscuits and Mandarin oranges.
Special thanks to Lim's wife and children who managed the water station inside Acacia.They have to wait in the rain while waiting for us and serving us with cold isotonic drinks and bananas.No Power Gel??Ha..ha..ha..

To Francis...good luck and wishing you all the best in your future endeavours.Stay in touch with the Seremban Group.
More pictures of the run in Steve Facebook:

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Feng Shui Predictions 2011

It is the time of the year when the usual yearly feng shui and predictions business is booming with many feng shui organising talks in town.The famous and popular feng shui "masters"could easily attracts thousands of followers.It is very funny to know many people who really believe in crystals,wind chimes,arranging furniture into different positions to suit the yearly forecast.

Recently I got an invitations for 2 persons to attend a feng shui talk organised by OCBC Bank on 15th January 2011.It is by a feng shui "master" whom I have never heard of.I searched for his profile on line and got some news of his work.Seems like he is not very popular in Malaysia.His facebook profile only has 376 followers.

He claims his work is of international award winning standard/technique which is about management of Qi to harmonize one personal Qi with the Qi of heaven,earth and environment in order to create a powerful electromagnetic force which will help one to enjoy long term prosperities!WOW...impressive indeed.

They also claimed they are the leading Feng Shui Research Center(all other "masters"also have similar claims...they are the best in the market)which combined traditional practice with scientific tools and methodology.

His brief predictions for this year as appeared in The Star newspaper recently:

The year is expected to be turbulent with both ups and downs, according to feng shui masters who say that the first six months will be significantly better than the second half of 2011.

Good Feng Shui Geomantic Research master Kenny Hoo said this year would be very good for the metal-related, insurance, banking and stockbroking industries

“The car industry will boom. Wood-related industries will flourish as well, such as the timber, media, furniture, palm oil and rubber industries,” Hoo said.

However, he said there would be many hidden opportunities this year that people might not be able to see

“I have named this the Consolidation Year as people will need to gather wisdom, knowledge and strength in order to filter opportunities from risks.”

“The scholastic star is in the south-west. In your homes, you can activate it by ensuring the area is kept neat, tidy and clean

Redecorating it as a study room is good as well,” he said when asked how to gain wisdom from a feng shui perspective

He cautioned that renovations should be avoided for the east, west and south sectors

Now that the stock markets are "hot",this feng shui "master"can even give predictions on KLSE!This is what he has to say on our stock market for 2011.(as in the Star today)

I think 2011 will continue to be an active year for the stock market, particularly in the first half.

But the second half calls for caution

Overall, the local stock market does present a lot of opportunities this year, but investors will need a lot of wisdom and knowledge in filtering out the risks in order to do well

I believe this year will be particularly good to stocks in sectors that are related to metal and wood. These include banking, mechanical, machinery, car, hardware, steel, property, textile, timber and construction

I personally do not believe in feng shui and will not spend money and time to make changes to my home or office.Since this is a free invitation,I just accept the offer.I am not going to attend this talk but I am going to give these 2 invitations to my friends who are into feng shui.Hopefully this can make their day.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Kecaplah dan Lihatlah - Franky Sihombing

My first posting for this year is this meaningful gospel song praising God for the blessing on myself and family.This song was sung during my church service yesterday.

Kecaplah dan lihatlah

Betapa baiknya Tuhan itu

Rasakan dan nikmati

Kasih setia Tuhan

**Syukur bagimu Tuhan

**S'gala hormat bagi mu Tuhan

**Allah yang mengasihiku

**Allah yang memeliharaku


Masuklah dalam rencananya

Berjalanlah dalam kehendaknya

Kesetiaan yang mengikutimu