Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sundown Marathon 2010

Sundown Marathon was my first marathon.I did it last year.I was crazy about running a marathon that time until to the extend of going to Singapore alone and spent more than RM1K just to participate in the night marathon.

This year I am not going because of an important wedding dinner in Sarawak during the same period.I will definitely try to attend next year event.Overall it is a well organised event and is very popular among runners.

Even though I did not take part this year,I have been following the progress of this event particularly the progress of our fellow female runners who will be running their first ultra marathon this year.They are Haza (owner of blog:Living,And Loving Life) and Puisan (owner of blog:Doc On The Run).I have great respect for these 2 ladies for taking up the ultra marathon challenge.

If these two ladies can do it why can't I do it?Why can't the rest of the Seremban group of runners do it?I have been trying to tell my fellow Seremban runners to try ultra marathon and none of them are willing to take up the challenge.

So I hope both Haza and Puisan will be able to complete and do well in this Saturday Sundown Ultra marathon and I can then challenge my running mates to take up ultra marathon next year.

To the two ladies...all the best and good luck in your maiden ultra marathon.We are watching you.Your success is an inspiration to many "timid"runner like me to try running a distance beyond 42km.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2010 is confirmed.Standard Chartered Marathon is on.The race is on 5th Dec 2010 with new route.I got the news from a Singapore forum yesterday.Then the email came in the afternoon.

Without much delay,I decided to book my flights to Singapore on Saturday 4th Dec...kiasu mah,like the Singaporeans.The AirAsia flights was expensive,selling at RM147 one way before tax.Total fare come to almost RM400 per person return.Wow...that will cost me almost RM2,400 for a family of 6 persons.I am bringing my family along as usual for the past 2 years.This year we plan to visit Singapore Universal Studio/Resort World Sentosa.

Finally,I booked through Jetstar Airway because it is cheaper.The amount of money saved can be used to stay in Hard Rock Hotel Sentosa in Singapore.

So, for those going to this Singapore Marathon there is another choice of budget airline to choose from instead of Air Asia.

Now waiting for the registration to open tomorrow.Going to register on first day.

Seems like I have been infected by the "KIASU virus"....ha..ha..ha!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Double Celebrations

A hectic an observer.Watching my favourite football team winning the FA cup.

Closer to home,an even better and sweeter victory...BN lost in Sibu by election.Sarawak being a stronghold of BN for many years finally wakes up.Sarawakians are more aware of their rights.They are making a right choice by rejecting the BN especially the Chief Minister of Sarawak and his cronies who have rule Sarawak for almost 30 years.

If you have been to Sarawak especially the interior,you will see how poor are the natives.They are deprived of so many basic living rights for so many years.They have been cheated and mislead by the current ruling party.
30 years under Taib is enough.Sarawak needs changes especially the natives.If they won't wake up in the next state election then they will definitely continue to be poor and suppressed.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

BIM-Final Result

Finally...the official result is out.My time was 4h 37m 13s .Position 19th out of 50 runners for my age category.

However there are no splits timing available.

Overall,I think there are many areas which need to improve if the organiser wants to attract more participants in future races.

If it is called Borneo International Marathon then it must be of international standard in all aspects.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Borneo International Marathon 2010

Race:Borneo International Marathon

Place:Kota Kinabalu,Sabah

Date:2nd May 2010

This is my 6th marathon and also the first time I take part in this Borneo Marathon.Francis and Steve took part last year.

*Myself with Francis.Picture taken by Steve.

*Dewan Masyarakat K.Kinabalu...where runners go to collect their Bibs and vests.Few Kenyans were seen collecting their Bibs.

Three of us took the early morning MAS flight from KLIA to K.Kinabalu which took us about 2hours 30 minutes.Upon reaching K.Kinabalu International Airport we took a taxi to Dewan Masyarakat K.Kinabalu to collect our running bibs and vest.There were not many people there and the collection was smooth and fast.

*The ugly vests a sample and runners are allow to exchange their vest if the size is not right.

*The disappointment when you look into the "goody bag". The most expensive item was the Powerbar.The Bibs was of low quality,reminds me of my school sport day.

Later we proceed to the nearby Italian restaurant for our lunch and also an early "carbo loading"session.This restaurant was highly recommend by Francis and Steve.I am not very particular with food,so I just tagged along.

*Pasta of different colours ,shape and flavour.Steve ordered the "white one".Francis's was"black" and mine was the "red tomato flavour".Just can't remember the Italian name for these kind of pasta.

After lunch,we checked into our apartment which was booked by Steve.The apartment,Likas Square Condotel is very near to Likas Stadium which is also the starting and ending point for this Borneo Marathon.

*Took this picture on my way back to the apartment after the run.

Later in the evening,we took a taxi to the biggest shopping mall in K.Kinabalu-1 Borneo!!which resemble the KL Midvalley Megamall.Spend our time there buying some foods,sport foods and also carbo loading with "bak kut teh"

By 9.00pm we were in bed.I can't sleep well so just spent my time rolling and rest in bed.Probably I got only about 3 hours of interrupted sleep.I was the first to wake up at 2.45am.Had a bath,quick breakfast before Steve and Francis woke up.

By 3.40am we were on our way to the Likas Stadium.

*Surrounded by runners in "ultraman suits".From L-R:Francis,Steve,myself and a fellow runner from Singapore whom we met on our way to the Likas Stadium.

There were not many runners.

*The full marathoners getting ready.I think the numbers maybe less than 200 persons.

The race started at 4.00am.We ran out of the Likas Stadium and proceed towards the main roundabout near the sea side before turning right towards 1 Borneo Megamall.This first portion of the run was flat with slight up slope on certain portion,very minimal though.Nothing much to see as it was dark then except for the big brightly lit mosque.We past by the entrance of University Malaysia Sabah and 1 Borneo. We then made a U turn after passing by certain dark road..don't know where or what the name of the place.

The returning portion to the Likas Stadium involved running the same road.This portion from Likas Stadium to beyond 1Borneo and back covered a distance of about 22km(rough estimation).I was running at a comfortable pace of about 6.5min/km.There wasn't many runners in front or at the back of me.Occasionally one or two runners overtook me.The weather was still cool.Mentally and physically I was still strong.There was no urge to catch up with other runners since I hardly see anyone within a short distance from me.Actually I was running my own race!!

By the time I reached the roundabout outside the Likas Stadium,it was after 6.00am and the sky was bright!!I knew daylight is earlier over in East Malaysia but I don't expect it to be so bright at 6.00am.Immedialtely I knew it was going to be a hot and bright morning ahead.There were no clouds in the sky.

The second portion of the run continued to bring us towards the K.Kinabalu city up to the Tanjung Aru area before making a U turn back to Likas Stadium to complete the distance of 42km.This portion I was running under the bright daylight.I was telling myself to be strong and do not walk even if I feel tired.

We passed by the market.I noticed there were many dead big fat rats on the road,crushed by cars!!Interesting ...

By 7.30am the sun was shining bright and the weather was hot!!I don't like running under hot weather as I feel tired easily.So I sponged myself at every water stations during this second portion of the race.

*The sun was shining directly onto my face.I was running looking downward.My whole body was wet from sponging and sweat.Notice:a sponge inside my vest.This picture was taken by Steve.I did not notice he was running towards me.

After reaching 30km,I was still feeling strong.There was no cramps.Now I knew I have to battle my mind as I always find difficulty to proceed after 30km probably my mind telling my body to give up.This time I keep reminding myself,just 12km to go,not a great distance.Just continue with the same pace and I will finish the race with a personal best time.

There were distance markers for very 1 km during the last 10km.I told myself to run one km at a time.Ignore the rest.Despite feeling the urge to speed up to get a better timing,I decided just to continue with the same pace of about 6.5min/km as not to develop cramps.

The last 5km,I was confident that I will get my personal best timing.Feeling happy and confident,I cruise on hoping that no cramps or any other problems will developed.

At the last 1km,I saw Francis cheering me.He was on his way back to our apartment.He has finished the race earlier with a time of 4hours 3 minutes.

The best moment was running into Likas Stadium and cross the finishing line with a time of 4hours 37 minutes 2 seconds(from my watch).Need to get the final official results which is due soon.
*The scene at the finishing point.Not much of excitement.No carnival like atmosphere.Occasionally the was some cheering when runners approaching the finishing line.

Immediately I was given a medal by a volunteer.That's all???!!!No goodies bag?No finisher shirt?No foods???

*Ha..ha..ha...picture of me without the running shoes.Had to take the shoes off as it was wet.

Saw Steve immediately after I completed the run.I was surprised he finished very early.Actually he had a stomach upset at 30km mark causing him to vomit.The medics put him in an ambulance before sending him back to Likas Stadium.

The good points of BIM:

-Straight flat route.

-Plenty of water stations with adequate water,100Plus and cooling sponges.For the first time in running 6 marathons,I did not use my water/100Plus which I carry along with me.

-Very helpful volunteers who handle runners the cups and sponges.

*Looks deserted at 9.12am??No..actually there were many people behind me when I took this picture.

The NOT so good points of BIM:
-very hot weather.Probably the organiser should consider starting earlier next year.Maybe at 2.00am will be nice!

-lousy running vest.

-pathetic "goodies bag"

-no finisher T-Shirt.

-lousy Bibs.Reminds me of those Bib number we used to wear during our school sport days.

Will I run again in BIM 2011(if there is one..)??

NO...unless the organiser decided to have an early starting time and the race date is during our school holidays so I can bring my family along for a tour of Sabah.

However to those who have not run in this Borneo Marathon previously,I strongly urge you to consider giving it a least once.