Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wooing The Chinese

A good article appeared in The Star today and it really reflects what my friends and I have been discussing during this Chinese New Year holiday.I paste part of the article here and highlighted some striking points.For the full article:

But amid all these established pillars and symbols of Chinese business and culture, is the generational shift taking place in Chinese political thinking. Anyone hoping to court the Chinese middle ground has to take stock of the evolving shift.

For a start, many political assumptions about the Chinese no longer hold water.

For instance, the idea that politics is not the Chinese cup of tea, that they are interested only in business and prefer to leave politics to the Malays is a thing of the past.

Few had imagined the Chinese would actually vote for a party promoting an Islamic state.
A large part of this has been due to the emergence of the new millennium Chinese voters whose political thinking seems a world apart from that of their parents.

They are not easy to define and even harder to categorise but a large segment of them are of the post New Economic Policy (NEP) generation, born after or who grew up in the NEP years.

But, said one Chinese intellectual, the most significant and influential segment among this post-NEP generation is the urban Chinese middle class.

This socio-economic cohort, said the intellectual, is likely to have gone through Chinese primary school and include professionals and the self-employed.

They are informed, read the papers, watch TV and seek information on the Internet. They have opinions and are not afraid to express it whether among friends or through the ballot box.

The majority of them are in their 30s and 40s, with young or growing families, hence their prime concerns are not only jobs and income but also their children’s education and the future.

They are not exactly united as a group but when they moved in a collective mass in the 2008 general election, they caused Selangor, Perak and Penang to fall and exerted a stranglehold by Pakatan Rakyat in the Federal Territory.

This group, said Prof James Chin of Monash University, Sunway Campus, does not see Malaysia as the only place to live and work in.

“Malaysia is no longer the centre of their universe. The option to move for work and better opportunities has fewer boundaries. Tun Mahathir put it best when he said it was ‘the nature of capitalism’,” said Chin.

With 90% of Chinese today having been through Chinese school, the distinction between the non-Chinese educated or “banana Chinese” (yellow outside, white inside) and the Chinese-educated or “mango Chinese” (yellow inside and outside) is also fading.

“For them, the world is not China or even strictly Chinese. It’s one big village. When I was young, I went to the library for information. Now it’s the Internet and Wikipedia,” said Chin.
This group is also bilingual, armed with Chinese as their main language and, surprisingly, English as a second language.

“There was so much noise over using English to teach mathematics and science but every Chinese parent knows English is crucial for a group that depends on the private sector for a living. Even receipts are printed in English,” added Chin.

In short, they have options and that makes them more independent in their political choices.

Hot issues:

But big wins for the Barisan were only possible when Chinese sentiments favoured the coalition.
“The Chinese pendulum swing is very issue-based. You deliver on issues, they give you the support. You don’t deliver, bye-bye,” said the above political analyst.

Hot potato issues like Chinese education and financial scandals swung the pendulum to the opposition in many elections.

But one issue that has repeatedly kept a chunk of Chinese votes on the side of the DAP has been the NEP. In the earlier years, the Chinese accepted it in principle but resented its racially skewed implementation.

Today’s younger generation of Chinese completely reject it and have no qualms about taking their vote to parties like PAS.

“The PM has to see the Chinese generational shift along this line. He may not accept it but he will have to understand that young Chinese Malaysians do not see why they have to live with the discrimination,” said the political analyst.

The segment of fence-sitters among Chinese voters is quite big, at around 40%. A large segment of the Chinese fence-sitters comprise the urban middle class. They have no loyalty to any particular party, and are swayed by issues.

Or as Chin put it: “They shop at Borders and go to Starbucks. It takes just a small incident to set them off – a toll booth that is out of order or not getting their passport on time.”

They are also the ones most likely to get hot over matters like the Allah controversy or the case of the political secretary arrested with millions of ringgit in his apartment.

“The low-income Chinese go to MCA service centres when they have problems. But the middle-class Chinese are harder to please. When the MCA invites them for tea, they go to eat and drink and then ask questions which nobody can really answer, like: When are you going to abolish the NEP?” said Chin.

There were lots of issues bugging the Chinese prior to the 2008 elections, from the keris to the economy but the chief underlying factor was the loss of confidence in the national

Friday, February 19, 2010

Chinese New Year 2010

This Chinese New Year was a quiet event for me and my family.We did not have any travelling plan like previous year(i think few years ago) when we went to Australia for holiday.So I took this long break to relax and to complete some personal tasks.I managed to run 10km daily,to finish some study assignments and to get extra sleep during this period.

The picture of my whole family-a small family.Picture:with my sisters and brothers in law,father and the kids.

Picture with my friends.We knew each other when we were in primary school and we still keep in touch.
Chinese New Year is also the time to meet up with old friends and classmates.Time to exchange stories and keeping up to date of various issues.As usual the hot topics among us are regarding our children,the children's future and their education,the current and future situation in Malaysia.Sad to say that many of us do not have much hope in Malaysia.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Feng Shui For 2010

As usual...this time of the year,many so called feng shui "masters"will published their prediction for the current year.I personally did not follow or believe in any of their advice but I like to read their predictions for fun.Most of the time their predictions were very general. Below is the 2010 prediction by Master Lynn Yap-Fengshui Queen.

GENERAL FORECAST :It will be an inauspicious year but of moderate growth-

It is "inauspicious" because -
Though many countries are already out of recession however there would still be 5 key issues like : natural disasters, financial difficulties, lawsuits, political changes and environmental matters -

The year, 2010 -
It is a "Geng Yin" year -
It’s a tiger year where the first lunar six months of the year belongs to "yang metal".
While the latter half belongs to the "yang wood".
Metal weakens the Wood thus causing difficulties and conflicts.

The combination of "Geng and Yin" will make the Tiger year a year of natural disasters, financial difficulties, political instability (rise of new leaders), legal matters and environmental matters -

Tiger is a most feared animal in the old days -
It will be a "tiger with 2 rusty teeth"indicating things are not that smooth. Hidden in the 2 teeth are possible lawsuits and political instability giving rise to riots.

The tiger is the second animal of the 12 animal signs and therefore the most fierce -
The tiger has to wake up early to look for food and beat all competition so, we too will be likewise. Another year of early morning rise.

Which animal signs will face difficulties ?

Those born in the year of the -"Tiger" and "Monkey"

2 Tips on what not to do this year :

Do not attend funeral and weddings especially for those born in the animal signs of "tiger" and "monkey".
When faced with arguments, it is better to let go and take a step back than to force your way through if not it could lead to possible legal matters.

18 Predictions:

1) Investment Outlook 2010:
Gold Prices is set to rise –
Oil prices is set to fall -

2) Disaster Outlook 2010 :
There would be natural disasters like an earthquake, floods, strong winds or a possible forest fire erupting and would occur mostly in the south western part of any country or from the southern hemisphere -

3) There is a possibility of another terrorist attacks–

4) There is a possibility of a new plant/herbs being discovered –

5) The climate would become very unpredictable, sometimes very hot, sometimes very cold causing the prices of commodities to rise -

6) There will be many legal matters or lawsuits -

7) There is a possibility of a war happening–

8) Any logo that has an "Tiger" on it has to be careful –

9) There would be more strikes, protests and riots causing political instability

10) Currency Outlook 2010:
Australia and New Zealand dollars will have better growth only in the second half of the year.

11) Market Outlook 2010:
The stock market would be "bumpy" but generally a good time for serious savvy investors take note of a short fall around 14 April -

12) There will be scandals and accounting frauds -

13) There will be lesser babies being born this year -

14) There would not be a Sars or H1N1 outbreak -

15) There is a possible passing away of an important famous person -

16) There will be negative news for those in the EARTH industry –prices of properties are set to fall.

17) This year, the sicknesses to take note are : the lungs , bones (backache), sore throats and headaches -

18) There will be news of merges and acquisition's happening in the METAL or WOOD industries –

Which industries will do well ?


Fire Industry:
Properties of fire:warm and gives off heat. Fire industries are those related to electrical products,stock markets,restaurants,lighting shops,fast food chains,bakery shops,accounting firms.

Earth Industry:
Properties of earth:hard and stillness. Earth Industries are those related to properties,human resource,pet shops,chemicals,cosmetics,renovation companies,developers,agriculture,insurance,construction firms,cosmetic surgery etc.

Metal Industry:
Properties of metal:hard and piercing.Metal Industries are those related to banking,machinery's and equipments,law,fortune telling,gold jewellery,robotics,steel,vehicles.

Water Industry:
WATER:Good Properties of water:Wavy.
Water Industries are those that deal with Internet(dotcoms),consultancy,shipping,transportation,logistics,
distribution,tourism,lottery,cold beverages,hotels,ship building,fortune telling,information technology,broadcasting,airlines,oil,marine products,money lending,telecommunications,animation and advertising.

Wood Industry:
Properties of wood:hard and grows upwards.Wood Industries are those related to Government, printing, seminars/events, universities, schools, textile firms, paper and pulp, timber, furniture, fashion, politics, education, hair salons and photography.

Forecast for the 12 animals

01) The ROOSTER -Good year
Intro: There are 2 lucky stars and 4 bad ones.The combination of bad stars will create obstacles for you at work though there are the presence of some good stars.Luckily, most roosters are positive looking and hence they would be able to clear whatever hurdles. Work hard this year and the year will pass, smoothly. There is a possibility of a hidden enemy at work.

Your health is average and you may catch a flu early in the year and can be quite bad.
Take care of your bones and lungs. Go jogging or do deep breathing exercises each morning to circulate the qi in your body.

Money & Work :
There is money luck for you but they tend to fluctuate, sometimes have windfall sometimes nothing.
This is not a good year for you to change job.

Love & family:
Family members are harmonious and all is well.
If single, there is romance and is a good time to settle down.

02) DOG –Good year
Intro: There are 3 lucky stars and 4 bad stars.Fortunately, there are lucky stars to help you at work. Those who are in business have to be careful of lawsuits from business dealings. Use money to solve them and all would be well. Those who are employees should have no problems at the workplace.

Money & Work:
Money luck is not so favourable this year hence no gambling and try not to over stretch your expenses.
This is not a year for you to be aggressive but rather be soft and gentle at work and learn to "go with the flow". If there is a good job opening, go for it.
Drive carefully.

Because you tend to work too hard therefore your health might not be good. Try to listen to your body when it is tired, go and have a rest.
If you are very sick, go see a doctor and you will soon recover. Health usually would be related to flu, backache and stomach trouble.

Love & family:
If married, time to take a break and bring the family for holidays.
If single, relationship might break this year. So wear the animal pendant of your boyfriend or girlfriend and all would be well.

03) PIG -Excellent year
Intro: There are 4 lucky stars and 3 minor bad stars. It is going to be a fantastic year for you both in career and in your wealth. Because of the presence of lucky stars, career, business and money luck are all very good. However, the pig has to be humble at all times if not others can get jealous and that can lead to problems.

Money & Work:Money luck is extremely good and money can come from all places even when you least expect it like from the stock market or lottery. The money luck is strong and the career luck is in abundance.Use the spare cash to invest in shares or in properties or simply save them. Gambling luck is also good. You may wish to go to the casino.

Your health is generally good however this year because of excessive party and dinner functions, you would be advised to rest well and sleep early.

Love & family:
If married, there is an unwanted romance. So please do not place big flowers anywhere in the house unless you wish for romance.
If single, the bud blooms into a beautiful flower and romance is good. Choose a good guy or gal like someone who is always so caring for you.

4) RAT -Average year
Intro: There are 3 lucky stars and 3 bad stars.This year has a mixture of good and bad stars but generally smooth.At work there can be some obstacles and there is no enemy, so all is well and peaceful.

Money & Work:
Money does not fall from the sky for you this year hence whatever investment or decision making has to think carefully.
Do not go to the casino.
It could be a year of travelling for the rats and they may move house or change job.

Your health is generally good however rats tend to stay up late into the night. Try to sleep early if you can and have a good rest.
Rats may tend to be rather emotional this year, try to calm yourself down and think positive and all would be well.

Love & family:
If married, there is happiness at home.
If single there is romance so go for it while those who are attached may find their relationship on the rocks because of a third party.

5) OX -Average year
Intro: There are 3 lucky star and 3 bad stars.Last year was your year, you probably don’t wish to talk about it.This year, promises to be a year of stability as there won’t be much changes at the work place or at home.Ensure that all important documents are carefully read before signing as there is a possibility of a lawsuit if you are not careful.

Money & Work:
The money luck is uncertain this year so all investments into properties or shares has to be carefully studied.Be careful of persons who are trying to harm you or cause your financial downfall.
At work, you always have to work hard just to earn a certain amount of money and therefore may appear tired. Try to put on an energetic front at work.

Health:As Ox generally have to work very hard for their money, hence they have to take extra care of their health by sleeping early or taking vitamins or simply exercising.Your health luck is good this year.

Love & family:
If married, the couple should try to find some time to be together.
If you are single, romance will be there. Place more flowers beside you where you are sleeping to have more romance.

6) TIGER –Inauspicious year
Intro: There are 4 lucky stars and 4 bad stars.This is not a good year for you. There would be many changes, at the work place, at home and in the family. Just be mentally prepared to embrace them. People would find fault with you for nothing and so please avoid gossiping. Best is to lie low.

Money & Work:Although this year is not a good year there is a little sign of money luck though and it will just come.

Health:There can be some injuries to the health just be extra careful and try to shed a little blood then all will be well.If you drive, do be careful.

Love & family:
If married, family members may tend to leave you.
If single, better get married quickly.

07) RABBIT –Excellent year
Intro: There are 3 lucky stars and 3 bad stars.This is a very lucky year for you with very good money luck and a promotion. However there is a *tau hua* star in sight bringing in unwanted romance especially when you are married. Don’t allow a third party to ruin your marriage.

Money & Work:If you are an employee there is a promotion while if you are on your own employment there is some kind of recognition, fame and wealth.However you are advised to be humble and watch your words carefully.

Health:You will be in the pink of a good health.

Love & family:If married, there could be an unwanted appearance of a third party. Watch your emotions and don’t get involved or carried away.If you are single, there are plenty of romances and relationships.

8) DRAGON -Average year
Intro:There is 3 lucky star and 3 bad stars.This is an average year for you as there are the presence of strong bad stars to cause havoc. Whatever you want to do, you must be very very careful and be careful of a potential lawsuit in business dealings. Re read your documents before signing.

Money & Work:Dragons may face heavy losses in financial matters hence whatever they want to do this year, they must be extra careful. However, in the first 15 days of the Chinese New Year, they can do a donation to ward it off.Do not make hasty decisions at work or in business dealings and ideally no major investments.

Health:Your health is not favourable this year. Rest early and see a doctor if there is anything wrong. Exercise regularly and avoid taking beef, mutton and pork this year then all would be well.

Love & family:Family life is happy as long as you can control your bad temper.If single, this year if there is any romance, it will not last unless you change your own behaviour to have less temper and not so jealous.

09) SNAKE –Good year
Intro:There are 4 lucky stars and 4 bad stars.This year should be a much better year than last year as you have a mixture of good and bad stars. Everything will be smooth. There is a big achievement for you and should avoid changing job after that.

Money & Work:Your money luck is good this year and comes from career or even from others.However, avoid any risky investments and be careful of theft and robbery.

Health:Your health may not be so good this year so there is a tendency to catch a flu or cold. Just let it come then the whole year would be smooth.

Love & family:Snakes have very good relationship luck this year so all is well at home.If single, guard yourself against false relationships with the opposite sex.

10) HORSE -Average year
Intro:You have 2 lucky star and 4 bad stars.It is not going to be a smooth year as there are too many bad stars. There would be obstacles at work and you are advised to be mindful and to go with the flow of events then all would be well.

Money & Work:There is money luck though and good fortune could surround you and an old investment reap good benefits. Income luck and lottery luck is here however please do not over spend.

Health:Your health is generally good this year however you are advised to avoid any water sports this year so no swimming and so scuba diving as danger is there.

Love & family:If married, this is a good year to enjoy happiness and contenment at home.If single , it may take a while before you meet your Mr. Right or Miss. Right.

11) GOAT –Good year
Intro:There are 4 lucky stars and 4 bad stars.There is an even number of stars this year and the good stars are indeed very good like Tian Xi and Tai Yang so as to give you changes this year but things are a lot smoother than last year’s.Everything is a lot more stable.

Money & Work:
You may find it hard to save money this year and it may be an important issue to you. However do remember that we have a method where we save money every 1st day of the month and then spend the rest. Try saving your money in your favourable colour bank then observe if the money stays there and grow.

Health:This year, your health luck is not so favourable but then better than last year’s !

Love & family:If married, be mindful of your emotions and watch how they can cause quarrels even in a stable relationship.If single, there is a little romance and there may be a little arguments with your parents though.

12) MONKEY -Bad year
Intro: You have 2 lucky stars and 4 bad stars.The year of the tiger clashes with you hence whatever you do or try to do, would not be successful. Everything goes in opposite direction hence simply lie low and just move along would be best. "Go with the flow"

Money & Work:For work, new opportunities may come about but none would materialise.Money wise, you could be financially drain, be careful.

Health:Your health would not be good.Avoid climbing high or driving on the road, just be careful. You may wish to carry a small golden monkey in your wallet or bag to ward off the *tiger* in the year.

Love & family:
Relationships may change even though you are happily married for years.
If single and in a relationship either quickly get married if not that relationship would not work.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Congratulations to my fellow runners:Mr.Yee and Miss Alice Tan for their recent good performance in their respective races.

Mr.Yee won the 400m in 1m 17sec and the 100m in a record 14.8 sec in the 60+ age group during the recent Pacesetters 9th Track Meet .

Miss Alice Tan was in 19th position for her age category in full marathon during recent Putrajaya Night Marathon.She received RM300 prize money.

Well done!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Size Does Matter

I have not been running since NB 30KM Pacesetter run few weeks ago due to various reasons.The current hot weather in the afternoon also dampen my running spirit.It is always hot in the afternoon and I don't feel like doing any exercise in this hot environment.However I have been doing some reading lately.

One of the article I came across from the website is:

From a physiological point of view, proof of an observation we've made a few times here on The Science of Sport - the smaller you are, the better you'll go in the heat.

And size matters in the heat. You'll recall that when the body temperature rises above 40 degrees, the athlete stops running - this is the "limit" to exercise, and so if that athlete wants to finish the marathon, they must run slowly enough to prevent their temperature from hitting 41 degrees before the 42km mark.

We can calculate the increase in body temperature that would be expected if an athlete runs at a certain pace on a certain day, using mathematical models. There are theoretical predictions, of course, and should not be taken literally, but rather to illustrate a point.

Take a look at the following graph, which shows the maximum possible distance that can be run at different marathon paces for two different athletes, one weighing 60kg (blue), the other 70kg (red).

It should be immediately obvious that the smaller athlete, shown by the blue bars, is able to run further before they hit that limiting core temperature - for example, at 2:08 marathon pace, the 60kg athlete can run for just over 38 km, the 70kg athlete would make it about 30km before having to stop and cool down.

So predictable, in fact, that you'll find quite a nice tight correlation if you look at the order of finishers plotted against the mass of the runner. Sports science, Las Vegas style, says that if you want to place a bet on the winner, go first for the smallest runner, and then work out which small man is likely to be the best. The smaller guys tend to be better in the heat. In cooler races, this is not as significant (for other reasons, smaller athletes do tend to dominate running - this dominance is even greater in hot conditions)

We’ll start at the beginning, with Newton’s famous F = M * A or, Force = Mass times Acceleration.Rearrange this a bit, and we can see that Acceleration = Force divided by Mass (A = F / M )So, off the line, dropping, say, 15 lbs off of a 150 lb frame will make you able to accelerate 10% faster, assuming that none of the weight loss came out of muscle tissue.

Assuming that drag remains constant regardless of weight (a bad assumption, as cross-section goes down as we get skinny) with each step we’re going to have to lift our body up. 10 percent weight reduction means that each step we’re doing requires 10 percent less work with each step, requiring 10 percent less power (work times time) to maintain a given velocity.

So with my current weight of 80kg,I am sure to be in the disadvantage group.Maybe it is a good lame excuse for not being able to run fast compared to my friends. distance that cabe run at different maraifferentbvbngff athletes, one weighing 60kg (blue), the other 70kg (red).

Friday, February 5, 2010

1 Malaysia Clinic

I was at a meeting last month on medical legal issue in medicine and someone brought up the issue of 1Malaysia clinic.He claimed that 1Malaysia clinic is illegal set up and it is breaking the law.

The law says that:

The use of the term or name “Clinic” when it is NOT manned by a Registered Medical Practitioner, is in violation of the law, specifically Medical Act 1971
Act 50 - Medical Act 1971 LAWS OF MALAYSIA Act 50 MEDICAL ACT 1971*PART V GENERAL

33. (1) Any person not registered or exempted from registration under this Act who(…)(e) practises medicine or surgery; or(f) uses the term clinic or dispensary or hospital or the equivalent or any of there terms in any other language in the signboard over his place of practice in purported practice of medicine or surgery as a person registered under this Act; or(g) uses a symbol designed by the Council for the use of registered medical practitioners only;shall be guilty of an offence against this Act.

(2) For the purposes of subsection (1)(a) the taking or using by any person of the term doctor or clinic or dispensary or hospital or the equivalent of any of there terms in any other language in relation to the practice of medicine or surgery shall be deemed to be the taking or using of a name, title, addition or description calculated to induce any person to believe that he is qualified to practise medicine or surgery according to modern scientific methods; and(b) subject to regulations made under the provisions of paragraph (p) of subsection (2) of section 36, the using by any person in the practice of medicine or surgery of a sphygmomanometer, stethoscope,hypodermic syringe or other instrument used exclusively by persons qualified to practice medicine or surgery according to modern scientific methods, shall be deemed to be the using of instruments calculated to induce a person to believe that he is qualified to practise medicine or surgery according to modern scientific methods.

However our government did not see it as against the law and allow many similar clinics being set up throughout Malaysia.There were discussions on this topics and many have different opinions.I think there are no solutions to this if the government do not see it as breaking the law which by right the government itself should be enforcing and regulating it.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Racism & 1 Malaysia

Some politicians did not use their brain before they talk.A good example :

Datuk Nasir Safar, the Special Officer to the Prime Minister, had reportedly made the derogatory remarks at a 1Malaysia seminar themed Rapat 1Malaysia which was held at the Melaka International Trade Centre. It was attended by government officials and politicians.

"Dato Nasir, is alleged to have insulted Malaysians of Indian and Chinese origin at a function in Melaka today morning. He allegedly said "Orang India di Malaysia melampau sangat. Mereka mendesak kerajaan untuk 12 mata pelajaran dalam SPM. Jangan desak kerajaan.. anytime kita boleh melucutkan kewarganegaraan orang India di Malaysia. Indians came to Malaysia as beggars and Chinese especially ladies untuk jual badan"

Our great Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said it was not racial but perhaps it was a slip of the tongue.!!!

There was even a page in the face book with many fans supporting Nasir......Kelab Penyokong Datuk Nasir Safar - Pegawai Khas Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Racism is very much alive in Malaysia...forget about 1 Malaysia.