Friday, July 31, 2009

Pre- Adidas KOTR Shah Alam

It has been 3 weeks since I last run in Seremban Half Marathon and there is another half marathon coming up this weekend-Adidas King of The Road 22km run in Shah Alam.

It was a very short 3 weeks for me especially so when I was very busy with work,study and family.I hardly train for this weekend event.I just noticed I did less than 30km of running for the last 3 weeks!!There seems to be no motivations for me to run lately when I feel tired daily coping with works:seeing so many cases of cough ,colds and fever;not knowing which is a potential H1N1 infected person.I was telling Yee two days ago that at the rate this H1N1 is spreading,I will eventually be infected!!

Another stressful event lately is preparing for my children coming mid- year school examinations.Life is not easy as a parent when you put a high hope on the children performance.I still remember my own parents who did not pay much attention to my school works but I still make it in life.On top of it,I have to do my own studying and assignments.My daily 24hours time has all been taken up.

Luckily I have friends who help me with bibs collection for each race.Lau helped the Seremban group to collect the running vest from Shah Alam stadium.He went on day 2 of collection and he can't get my vest size.The organiser run out of XL vest and I was given a L size vest instead.It was too tight on me and I feel like being squeezed.I am not going to use this vest this weekend.Feeling unhappy,I sent an email to Mr.Krishnan of Adidas Malaysia.

Hello Mr.Krishnan,

In case you can't remember me,I was one of those participant in the last Adidas Running Shoes Seeding Programme and I received the Adidas Adistar Salvation.The shoes is great!!

I am going to take part in this weekend Adidas KOTR race.

I wonder:

1)why Adidas run out of vest size so early,it was only 2nd day for collection and I can't have my XL size.Instead I was given a L size which is very very tight on me.

2)the most important question is why Adidas vest sizing is usually smaller than other brands?I noticed that my XL vest size which I got in SCSM 2008 and Sundown 2009 is more likely a L size vest.

Hope to get some clarification from you.



I do not expect any reply but to my surprise,Mr.Krishnan replied my email on the same day.

Hi Foo,

We are facing this problem this year because our global office had changed the size spec to Asian spec. When we placed the order for the vest this year we confined it with the mock- sample that they gave, but the product was different. My office in Malaysia will be taking up the matter with our regional office.

Sorry for the set-up & thanks for the valuable feedback.


Even though I did not manage to get a complete explanation and the XL vest,I am happy that Mr.Krishnan do reply to my query.

Lastly,I will try my best in Adidas KOTR this weekend since there is limited medals for runners.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hard To Believe.

BINTULU: A high-powered delegation of 16 politicians will be travelling into the interior of central Sarawak to see first-hand the problems faced by rural folk, particularly the Penans.
The delegation will, among others, comprise Dewan Rakyat Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia, several deputy federal and state ministers, Members of Parliament and state assemblymen.
Former Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad is also expected to join the trip.
Ulu Rejang MP Datuk Billy Abit Joo, who is leading the delegation, said the politicians would visit places mostly located within his constituency, which is as big as Pahang and the largest in the country.
“The politicians will see for themselves the type of problems faced by the folk living in the most remote parts of Sarawak and how the Government is trying to improve their lives.
“Such trips are very important. The trip will not only be an eye-opener for the politicians but also foster closer ties between the government backbenchers and the rural folk,” Billy said in an interview.
The delegation will visit a Penan settlement, a school that he (Billy) had helped to set up years ago for the community, the Bakun dam region, its resettlement scheme in Sungai Asap as well as the project developer.
It will take about seven to eight hours of travelling through jungles and via timber roads from the town to these places.
“The problems we face in rural Sarawak are still difficult to solve.
“Woes relating to the lack of infrastructure like roads and bridges require a huge amount of financial help from the Federal Government,” Billy pointed out.
The delegation will spend about four days in the deep interior

Are the politicians sincerely wants to know how the Penan live in the interior of Sarawak?Do they really wants to help those in the interior?

I doubt their sincerely and the motive of this visit.I guess it is for their own political survivor as the Sarawak state election is coming soon.Now is the time politicians need to go to show their face to the people and start making empty promises again.

The below news(part of it) appeared in The Star the next day....

KUCHING: The Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin opened Sarawak’s new State Assembly building in Petra Jaya here in a grand ceremony yesterday.
Also present were state Rulers, mentris besar, chief ministers and speakers of other state assemblies.
The RM300mil complex, on a hilltop overlooking the Sarawak River, is hosting the 218th Rulers Conference which ends on Thursday.
Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud said the new building reflected Sarawak’s political development and multi-racial harmony.
The new chamber, located on the eighth floor of the nine-storey complex, can accommodate 108 members to cater for future needs.
Other facilities include a banquet hall seating 800 people, a ceremonial hall for investitures, an auditorium and a public gallery.
A special regatta and river parade along the Kuching Waterfront were held later in conjunction with the building’s opening.

Can you see the priority?

:( :( :(

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Finally I have registered and paid up for PBIM(Penang Bridge International Marathon) and SCSM(Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon) at the end of this year.Seems to be a very ambitious move to run two marathons within two weeks.I don't know if I can do it or not but one has to try in order to find the answer.

PBIM organiser is very slow and less efficient from the way they do things.They have put up the PBIM website with face book and plenty of promotions months ago but they do things in stages.I was waiting for them to announce the official hotel but up to date,nothing was mention on their website.I called their hot line and was told to wait for the update.Seems like I have to start looking for a hotel nearby the starting point by asking those familiar with Penang.

However SCSM organiser is better.I was trying to register early in order to qualify for the cheaper fee but their system charged me SGD60.00.I was not satisfied because I think I am entitled to their special rate since I have taken part in last year SCSM.So I gave them a call and immediatelly they make some changes in their system,and I got my special rate of SGD45.50.
That is a saving of almost SGD15 or RM36..

Now that I have committed to run PBIM and SCSM,it is time to start training again.I will probably start after Adidas King of The Road event next weekend.

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Need To Change

I have learned a bit on human behaviour during the last weekend workshop.As I was at home preparing for my assignment,something came to my mind about changing the mind set of the Seremban group of runners.I joined this group less than a year ago and this group of above middle age runners have been running for many years.

Looking at the results from SCKLM of this group,there seems to be little improvement in term of timing except for Eric and Yee.

4h:15m:53s (gun) / 4h:14m:32s (net)

4h:38m:47s (gun) / 4h:37m:31s (net)

4h:42m:5s (gun) / 4h:40m:42s (net)

5h:5m:39s (gun) / 5h:4m:15s (net)

5h:10m:3s (gun) / 5h:8m:41s (net)

5h:11m:53s (gun) / 5h:10m:32s (net)

5h:12m:37s (gun) / 5h:11m:11s (net)

5h:19m:57s (gun) / 5h:18m:32s (net)

5h:38m:40s (gun) / 5h:37m:13s (net)

5h:45m:41s (gun) / 5h:44m:15s (net)

5h:47m:4s (gun) / 5h:45m:37s (net)

5h:51m:37s (gun) / 5h:50m:10s (net)

6h:36m:29s (gun) / 6h:34m:32s (net)

So can we make them change?change their ways of training and commitment?Sure can!!But it will take some time.

Understanding Change
Behavior change is rarely a discrete, single event.Usually it moves gradually from being uninterested (precontemplation stage) to considering a change (contemplation stage) to deciding and preparing to make a change.

For most persons, a change in behavior occurs gradually, with the patient moving from being uninterested, unaware or unwilling to make a change (precontemplation), to considering a change (contemplation), to deciding and preparing to make a change. Genuine, determined action is then taken and, over time, attempts to maintain the new behavior occur. Relapses are almost inevitable and become part of the process of working toward life-long change.

Precontemplation Stage

During the precontemplation stage, one do not even consider changing. Smokers who are "in denial" may not see that the advice applies to them personally. Obese patients may have tried unsuccessfully so many times to lose weight that they have simply given up.

Contemplation Stage

During the contemplation stage, one is ambivalent about changing. Giving up an enjoyed behavior causes them to feel a sense of loss despite the perceived gain. During this stage, patients assess barriers (e.g., time, expense, hassle, fear, "I know I need to, but ...") as well as the benefits of change.

Preparation Stage

During the preparation stage, one is prepare to make a specific change. They may experiment with small changes as their determination to change increases. For example, sampling low-fat foods may be an experimentation with or a move toward greater dietary modification. Switching to a different brand of cigarettes or decreasing their drinking signals that they have decided a change is needed.

Action Stage

Many failed New Year's resolutions provide evidence that if the prior stages have been glossed over, action itself is often not enough. Any action taken should be praised because it demonstrates the desire for lifestyle change.

Most people find themselves "recycling" through the stages of change several times ("relapsing") before the change becomes truly established.

Maintenance and Relapse Prevention

Maintenance and relapse prevention involve incorporating the new behavior "over the long haul." Discouragement over occasional "slips" may halt the change process and result in the one giving up. However, most will find themselves "recycling" through the stages of change several times before the change becomes truly established.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend Lecture/Workshop

Spent two days in a hotel in Kuala Lumpur for a weekend course on communication!!We were taught how to communicate with others.This course consisted of lectures and workshops where we have to act out different scenarios,how we deal with others in different conditions.Quite fun especially the practical sessions but not during the long lectures.

1. Adults learn best when there is a perceived need. If an adult does not understand why she needs to be taught about a subject, little learning will occur.

2. Teaching of adults should progress from the known to the unknown. Always assess what the clients know about a topic before beginning a teaching session. Don't reteach the things they already understand, but use that extra time to teach more about the topic.

3. Teaching of adults should progress from the simpler concepts to more complex topics.

4. Adults learn best using active participation. Classroom-type didactic lecturing is not usually interactive and should be avoided when teaching clients. Teaching sessions about a topic in which the client is frequently asked to restate what has been discussed will inspire far more learning than a passive lecture in which the client is expected to learn simply because someone spoke to them.

5. Adults require opportunities to practice new skills. Anytime a new manual skill is required it is essential that time be spent watching the client practice these skills, giving return demonstrations of manual abilities.

6. Adults need the behavior reinforced.

7. Immediate feedback and correction of misconceptions increases learning. Always ask the client to restate what you have taught. Also ask them what they have heard about this topic from their friends or relatives. It could be that the "old wives tales" they have heard from family and friends will be retained as "true," whereas our formal teaching is extinguished within several days.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Seremban Half Marathon 2009-Race Report

DATE : 12 JULY 2009
TIME : 6.45 a.m.

This was my first time I took part in the 21km race in Seremban,my home town.Last year I took part in the 10km race.

The advantage of running in an event at your own home town is one can wake up late on the day of the race.I drove to the NS Padang which was only 10 minutes away from my home.NS Padang is situated in the center of Seremban town and I can remembered playing football there few times a week during my school days.

This event is usually full of student participants who come in white Seremban Half Marathon T shirt.You can see "sea of white"crowd on the Padang.I think many of these students were "forced" to join this event as part of their extra curriculum activities in order to collect points for their report card.Obviously most of them were not interested to participant.You can see some were still yawning and sleepy when they arrived.Most of them walk,chit-chatting,holding hands and talking on their hand phones during the race.Maybe they thought it was a walkathon event.However without the massive crowd of students then Seremban Half Marathon will be less jovial,have less publicity,lack of carnival atmosphere and definitely there will be less sponsors.

The 21km run was flagged off at 6.45am and I tagged along Eric and Yee for about 3 km until the first hill climb which was at the entrance to Forest Height.There I had to slow down as my legs were aching due to my speed work sessions with Yee two days ago.I did not do any speed works for the past 8 months but took up Yee challenge as I thought it won't affect me.We did 6 laps of speed work ranging from 5.5min/km to 4.6min/km in S2 park.Now I think it was a wrong move to have a session like this two days before a race especially so when my legs were never trained to run so fast before.

Coming back to my story:Eric and Yee soon disappeared from my sight and I was running at my own pace.I did not meet any other members from my Seremban group throughout the race until the last part.The route was generally flat except for three hill climbs:at the entrance of Forest Height,at the entrance of Taman Warisan Puteri(the road was bad,I think they are in the process of resurface this road) and finally at the Lake Garden about 1.5km from the finishing line.

Everything was perfect for a good race or setting a new personal best today except for my aching legs.The weather was fine;cool and cloudy.There were three water stations and sponging stations.The traffic control was good.There were not many cars on a Sunday morning.There wasn't much too complain about Seremban Half Marathon.I think the organiser has the experience to make it a successful event as they had been doing it for the past 21 years?!!

I was hoping to do a personal best for my 21km today as I personally felt I did not improved much since my maiden half marathon in Singapore last December.Since Singapore, I did three half marathons(included today)and none was able to beat my maiden half marathon timing of 1 hour 55 minutes.Strange...usually one will improve but for me it seems the first was still the best.Something must be wrong with my training!!

To cut my story short;I finished the run with timing of 1hour 58 min 43sec(from my watch)with a position of 63 in my category.I think I finished third among my Seremban group.As usual,Eric came in at 1h 48m;Yee at 1h 52m;then myself and followed by Teh,Khoo,Heng,Lau,Wun.Wun had to walk as he suffered some ankle injury after the last SCKLM.

Post race,I received a nice medal from Selangor Pewter and also a mystery gift consist of 4 cans of 100plus with a Maxis prepaid starter kit.Plenty of drinks;Milo,100plus,orange juice,Nestle cocoa crunch,free The Star newspaper,free magazine-Galaxie,Flavour,Kuntum.Really worth the money as the entrance fee for the race was just RM10,the cheapest in Malaysia for a 21km race.

Finally...I shall return next year for a PB.(hopefully....he...he..he...)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ipoh "International"Half Marathon-another failure??

**The above picture taken from CheRaMicHe blog..thank you for the funny picture.

The just concluded Ipoh International Half Marathon was another failure .This is the conclusion I made after reading through some blogs and forums on this so called "International" event.

Looking at the picture,I can't help but to laugh my heart out.Why the organiser needs to put the Rela to control the runners?They can just make some announcement and I am sure the runners will obey the rules.

Maybe the current BN state government is too delusional and paranoid thinking this group of runners as pro-Pakatan supporters/demonstrators,threatening the safety of the "YBs" aka Yang B---H(ha..ha...:this is the title which I like to give to politicians).

This stupid move by the organiser can cause injury to the Relas or runners if they fall and crushed to death in a stampede.Is this what the organiser wants?

Aiya...another failure after SCKLM.More to come???


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Seremban Half Marathon-Race Pack

Thanks to Yee for helping me to collect the Seremban Half Marathon race pack today.I will be taking part in the 21km run this Sunday.

Seremban Half Marathon was the first event which I took part after I decided to start running last year.The first race which I joined was the 11km run in 2008 Seremban Marathon.

I discovered running the 11km was fun and easy so I decided to continue taking part in more races after that.

This weekend race will marked my one year of taking part in running/races.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

SCKLM Final Results

Finally,the official results is out:You can get it from

Completing the 2009 KL Marathon in a finish time of: 04:46:47

Result in Entire Field - 596th place
895 finishers behind. About 40% of finishers ahead.

Result in Gender (Male) - 531st place
754 finishers behind. About 41% of finishers ahead.

Result in Division (M4044) - 71st place
125 finishers behind. About 36% of finishers ahead.


Who's who
Of the 1491 who finished, 14% were female and 86% were male.

Opposite Sex
For the record, you were ahead of about 68% of female finishers.

Timing Info
Your start delay: 1m 22s.
Note: This page based on CHIP times. Click images for GUN times.

From Halfway to Finish

You passed 271 runners

And 9 passed you

Section Time:
Start -13K:1h 32min 2S.This is 7min 5 sec per km for 13km.
13K-21K:1h 9min 53S.This is 8min 44sec per km for 8km.
21K-finish:2h 4 min 52sec.This is 5min 53sec per km for 21.195km

**The last portion-can it be wrong??I was tired and I think I can't be running that fast??!!

Result based on GUN time: 592nd place

Result based on GUN time: 528th place

Result based on GUN time: 71st place

Generally,most of the runners in SCKLM are regular runners as compared to runners taking part in SC Singapore Marathon,so a person like me won't be getting a good overall position.

The above picture taken from Wongwinnie126 site:

Thanks a lot for her effort and I presumed most of the runners pictures are in there.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Octagon's Statement

Finally,the organiser speaks....

As the organiser of the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009, we at Octagon acknowledge all comments and feedback received about the management of the Marathon on 28 June.

We regret that some runners faced water shortage during the run. We had 50,000 litres of water and isotonic drinks, with water stations located every 2.5kms along the route but we acknowledge that the distribution of water was not ideal. We apologise once again for this.

As for the distance markers, we stress that such indicators were placed at every kilometre along the route. On the advice of the technical committee, it was decided that the markers would only be for the Full Marathon which is the practice of all international marathons around the world. However we take note of your input in this area for future implementation.

We also acknowledge that nearly half of the participants in the 5km run took a wrong turn and ended up running a shorter route. Together with our partners, MAAU and FTAAA, we are looking into how this could have happened.

We have also received feedback regarding the shortage of Finisher’s Medal for the Full Marathon. We have noted this and have compiled a list of those who have yet to receive a medal. We will notify them immediately about the collection of their medals accordingly. The shortage of medals came about as a result of several individuals collecting more than one medal.

Overall, the race was well received and many have indicated that they would participate next year. We aim to provide a better experience in 2010, with your feedback being instrumental to that.

Thank you.

Later,another statement on the official website:

Octagon as the event organizer of the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009 acknowledges that there were technical and logistical issues that affected a number of runners.

As the Race Director, I would like to apologise to runners who had a bad experience connected to the marathon. It was never our intention to cause any distress. We have always aimed to provide a positive and memorable experience for runners in Malaysia. We have taken all your feedback and this will go towards improving the standard and experience for all runners next year. Once again, my sincerest apologies.

As an update, the complete database of results and timings are now available. You may search for your individual results here.

Should you have further questions, you may contact us at 03 7843 3180 or via email at

Hemant Dua
(Race Director)

As least we know the organiser got the runners' feedback but we still don't know what went wrong and will probably not know it in the future.The problems on the race day are best kept for the organiser and the sponsors to bash it out among themselves.Let them fight and argue until the cows come home.What we runners want is a guaranteed improvement and problems free event next year.

Frank's New Business Venture

One of my running friends from KL;Frank, is starting his online business.Please feel free to browse through his site.All the best to him and may he be successful in his venture.

His email to all his running friends:

Hi all,

Just ventured into the sport business. Site's at Brands I'm carrying are ASICS, Polar, 2XU and Skins and Injinji, just to name a few. Feel free to browse through the site. Do help to spread the word.