Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bidor Half Marathon Pictures.

I found some pictures of me taken during the Bidor Half Marathon:

The above and below pictures taken probably near the ending of the race...

The below picture taken probably during the first half the race:

Thanks a lot to bidorun sites and their effort to take so many pictures.More pictures can be found at:

Monday, April 27, 2009

Bidor Half Marathon

The back and front view of Bidor Half Marathon's medal.

Today I completed my second half marathon-the Bidor Half Marathon.It was a busy day for me as I was working late on Saturday.Reached home at 1000pm,packed my belonging before going to bed at 11.30pm.Only managed to sleep for 2 hours before Yee came to fetch me with Eric,Wan and Lau.We met with the rest of the gang in Seremban town before starting our journey to Bidor at 3.30am.I tried to get some sleep during the journey.Finally we reached Bidor at 6.00am.I took some light breakfast prepared earlier from home while Yee helped us with the collection of our running shirts and numbers.

The turnout was quite encouraging for an event organised in a small town like Bidor.After a short briefing by the organising committee,we were let off at 7.00am.The route can be roughly divided into two parts.

The first part was on flat terrain and it took us through some palm oil,rubber plantations.We also came across some poultry farm and the stench from the farm was not so pleasant.The road was narrow and we have to make a U turn at the end of the route near a small Indian temple.That was roughly about 10km.I was running quite comfortably for the first 10km doing about 5.5minutes/km while the rest of the Seremban gang was about 100-200meters in front.I was conserving some energy as I knew there will be a hilly route later.

The second part involved a hilly climb up to end near a waterfall.I did not see any waterfall but from the map it was nearby the place where we made a U turn to go back to the starting point.This part was a bit tougher and many runners had to slow down.I was quite prepared for this hilly part and I started to speed up.I felt nice overtaking quite a number of runners who has started to feel tired.I also overtook Choo and Teh.This route passed through some villages and some villagers came out to look and cheer the runners.

Overall this race was easier to me compared to my first half marathon in Singapore probably because I have ran more 20km during my training for Sundown .I don't feel tired or muscle ache immediately after the race.

I was 4th among the Seremban runners.I should had put in more effort during the run especially at the beginning.However I am happy as I still managed to do a sub-2hours with no major pain on my ankle and knee during the run.The pain on my right ankle was manageable and the was no pain on my left knee.I hope these pain will go off before my first marathon next month.

The results for Seremban group:




Myself-1:57(to be exact:1h 56min 55sec)

Lau-1:57+(came in few positions after me)

Choo,Teh,Heng&Hong Pak-more than 2hours(unable to get detailed timing from them)

Hong Pak's wife participated in the 10km category.

The good points of Bidor Half Marathon:

-traffic control was good.
-the route was unique as we ran through some plantations.
-beautiful medal.

The not so good points of Bidor Half Marathon:
-mixing up of registrations.
-giving out wrong size of T-shirts.
-some parts of the route are not even and a short part of the route was not even tarred.
-certain part of the run brings us near to some poultry farms and the smell was nauseating.
-water stations mostly served only plain water.

I enjoyed the event and will be looking forward for next year event.

Right now I have to focus on the bigger event ahead..The Sundown Marathon.

Friday, April 24, 2009

My 2nd Half Marathon.

Another two days to go before the Bidor Half Marathon.This is my second half marathon since I started running and the first competition run this year.This trip to Bidor is the biggest outing for the Seremban group as we will be travelling together in a van from Seremban early on the Sunday morning.There will be ten of us and we are to start our journey at 3.ooam on Sunday.The race will start at 7.00am,hopefully we will make it on time.

What is our expected race timing?Yee predicted at least 4 persons from Seremban group will be able to complete the race below 2 hours.Just to quote from Yee..."anything more than 2 hours is consider a failure for myself and Eric".Imagine the amount of confidence both Yee and Eric have for this race.

As for me,I will use this race as part of my training for Sundown Marathon next month.I will try to do my best but personally I don't think I can beat my timing of 1 hour 55 minutes in Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon last December.The reasons are:

1)The pain on my right ankle is still there but the pain on my left knee has gone away.I need to be careful as not to aggravate the pain since my first full marathon is just 5 weeks away.

2) I heard the Bidor route is hilly, so running will be more difficult compared to running on a flat terrain during Singapore Marathon.

3)Since the race will only start at 7.00am,I am sure the heat will have some effect on the runners performance.Lately the weather has been extremely hot and running under the hot morning heat during the second half of the race is sure to be more challenging.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Effect From Running

It has been a year since I started running and the distance has been gradually increased from few kms to 30kms.The time spent on running has also increased drastically,from just half and hour to three plus hours for each session currently.So this is sure to cause some physical changes to my appearance which I don't noticed much except to others who seldom see me.

The most obvious changes(according to friends):
1)Lost of weight-although I still weighed 80km but I may appeared to be thin because of lost of fat around my face and stomach.Since I am tall,the cachexic appearance is even more prominent.

2)Skin became darker-this is quite obvious even to myself.I can see the contrast between my exposed and covered area.I don't mind looking a bit darker but the worst part is increased area of dark pigmentation on my face due to UV light exposure.Most of the time I spent running was during early part of the morning before sunrise and yet the changes is still very obvious.

3)Looked older now,probably due to dark and thin appearance.Study has shown that one will looked younger for his age(for those in the middle age category) if he is fairer and slightly fat especially on the face.

The other changes only known to me is increased dark spots on the inner groin and armpit region due to prolong friction from pants and shirt.Another was pain on left knee and ankle which started recently after I increased my weekly running mileage.

I accept these physical changes as part of effect from running and I did not worry much about them.However I am quite disturbed by comments I received for the past few months regarding these changes especially lost of weight.

Most of the comments are negative in nature like:

1) lost so much weight,sure you are sick or having some kind of illness...better go for a full medical checkup!!

2)You don't look healthy since you looked thin compared to previously.Sure something is bothering you.You lost a lot of money in the share market ah??I said no.....then they will add on like this:Ah..I know,must because of some women,some china dolls or mistress who are bothering you!!

3)Better eat more are so thin,dark and looked old!!

It shows that human beings are always negative in their comments.They always think of the bad events or the worst outcome.I know some who are trying to get me to agree with their negative comments so they can go around spreading rumours about myself.

Ha..ha...ha...let them speculate.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Busy Weeks Ahead.

The next 10 weeks will be a busy weeks as I will be taking part in three races.The first race will be Bidor Half Marathon next Sunday in Bidor.I decided to join the Seremban group as it was my Sunday off day.I signed up for the race early this month without knowing that next Sunday is also my children's sport day!!So I have to miss the school sport's day this year.I will make an extra effort to attend it next year.

The next race will be the most important-my first attempt at a full marathon,Sundown Marathon in Singapore.

The third race is The KL Marathon on 28th June,about one month after the Singapore marathon.I have signed up for the race earlier to enjoy the early bird discount.The rest of the Seremban group still have not sign up,probably waiting until the last minute as usual.

So life will be centered around work,running/training,study and family at the moment.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Streamyx..Hopeless Streamyx

Finally got back my Internet connection yesterday.Earlier than expected,so I should be happy right?No!!The connection is slow and frequently disconnected by itself.These problems have been around for months and I already gave up complaining to TM.I know they won't be doing anything to improve the connection but instead will guide you to all those trouble shooting procedures.It is so predictable on what the customer service personnel will tell you.

So have to bear with the stupid Streamyx until a better alternative can be found.Now I use Streamyx mainly for surfing.Gone are the good old days when I can download movies at a high speed,watching You Tube uninterrupted or play games on line.Now the TM guys are controlling the broadband speed so all these privileges are gone.However TM still mislead customers by promising uninterrupted connection for movies,games and simultaneously browsing of few sites.They promised the sky,look at their website.Very unethical of them to cheat the customers.If they can't delivery what they promised then better shut up.Shame on you...TM!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lousy Streamyx

My Internet connection at home has been out since Wednesday.I have called the TM call center and they told me there are some problems with "the card".I don't understand what they meant by card but I need to wait until next Tuesday(14/4/2009) before this problem can be solved.
So no Internet surfing until next week!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Arrogant Politicans

The longhouse Ibans must be feeling very privilege as many VIPs from Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia has been visiting them lately.This attention which they are getting won't last long.It is going to disappear in a day or two when the election is over.Then the Ibans will be alone again,forgotten and abandon deep in the interior of Sarawak.What a pity!!

From The Star:

BATANG AI: Barisan Nasional would need to walk the extra mile in at least nine out of 26 polling stations in Batang Ai identified as “danger areas” for the coalition to beat Parti Keadilan Rakyat.
“Barisan has to win the hearts of the Ibans in these areas to secure their votes,” said a Barisan leader.
Umno deputy president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, who arrived here on Saturday, led Barisan’s campaign in its final assault against the opposition in the Iban heartlands.
He visited several longhouses deep in the interior by helicopter after arriving here.
Among the “big guns” who arrived was Home Minister Datuk Seri Hamid Albar.
Other leaders who had helped in the campaigns included MCA vice-president Datuk Seri Ng Yen Yen, Umno vice-president Datuk Shafie Apdal, Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek and Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Datuk Douglas Unggah.

These arrogant polticians still don't understand the local culture.They choose to be arrogant and to show off their power.Their presence in the longhouses will cause a lot of inconvenience to the local folks.The local are expected to wait for the non punctual politicians,to dress up in their best and to prepare the best foods for the VIPs.Imagine how much money,time and effort the locals have to put in to entertain these VIPs who will later abandon them.Finally these arrogant politicians will come in using helicopters!!It looks so easy and convenient for VIPs to travel while the ordinary folks have to take days to reach major towns.

My two cents advice to those arrogant politicians:if you are a true politician who really wants to serve the people(which I doubt it) then you should:

-travel like ordinary folks:take the long boats,take the jeep using the logging road and walk to the long houses.

-stay in different long houses at least during the campaign periods and experience the local tough life.Please don't expect VIPs treatment.

-drink water from the stream,bath in the river,no air cond and internet services.

-eat what the local eat and don't expect good food because foods are expensive.Best still if these VIPs can go hunting for foods.

I can bet my last dollar that these arrogant VIPs can't do all these.They will died very fast in the jungle of Sarawak.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Poor People of Sarawak.

Soon there will be a by election in Sarawak and two in Peninsular Malaysia.I am quite interested in the by election in Sarawak as I had worked there for almost four years .I have travelled to interior parts of Sarawak and I have seen the lifestyle of the people deep in the interior of Sarawak.

Generally the people in the interior leads a very simple life because they are poor.There are no clean water supply,no electricity, no proper toilets,no basic medical facilities and communications.They are deprived of the basic human rights necessities for many years.The place has not developed and is many years backward compared to Peninsular Malaysia.

What make me sad is the way politicians manipulated these poor people.Politicians make plenty of empty promises during elections.Politicians visited these poor people telling them to vote for them(politicians),give the Ibans some money and plenty of hope and promises.These poor people have be mislead for many years and they did not get any benefits from this country progress.What a pity!

Sad and angry when you read news like:

BATANG AI: The 5,000-odd Ibans who were displaced by the construction of the Batang Ai hydro-electric dam 25 years ago have appealed to the Barisan Nasional to fulfil the promises the Government made to them in their resettlement deals in 1982.
The Ibans, now living in six different resettlement schemes about 30km from the dam, have yet to receive their land titles.
The initial promises made by the state government under the resettlement agreement had also been modified time after time, and many of the promises had yet to be fulfilled, they claimed.

They have been waited for 25 years and yet they are loyal to Barisan Nasional.They continue to wait because they trusted their leaders.I hope they must realise now that their leaders are a bunch of crooks and hopeless guys.

LUBOK ANTU: Building a hydro-electric dam is one thing while getting power supply even to a nearby village is a different kettle of fish altogether.
This is especially true in a constituency like Batang Ai, where some villagers have found it hard to understand why they have no power supply when they have a dam.

BATANG AI: Voters in this remote Batang Ai state constituency in southern Sarawak are torn apart by the decision they will have to make come polling day on April 7.
They must choose - between an old friend they knew for decades and a party they had been supporting since independence.
They have to cast their votes for a person whom they love but who is now with an opposition party or vote for a candidate new to politics but represent a party they had been accustomed to for so long.
Jawah Gerang, 55, is this old friend whom everyone in Batang Ai knows. He was Lubok Antu MP for 25 years when he was with the Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak. He has now switched camp and joined opposition Parti Keadilan Rakyat

Personally I think Jawah Gerang is a failure!!Do not choose him as a leader.He has been a MP for 25 years and there are no development in his area.He has been sleeping all this while.Choosing him for another term is a disaster and also to prove that the Ibans are "blind".Politicians will always be the same irrespective of what party they represent.

So who to choose?

Don't choose any as both are hopeless.They will disappeared after the election.You can't see them again until the next election.What the Ibans need to do now is to be united and demand for IMMEDIATE improvement to their lifestyle.This is the time the people need to ask for money,motor boat engines,foods,immediate upgrading of roads,electricity generators and whatever things they need.Get these items immediately before election from whichever party who are willing to give.Make use of the politicians before elections because we won't see them again for the next 5 years.Don't believe in whatever they promise.
Either get the benefits now or risk waiting and be forgotten for the next 5 years.A long pitiful and painful wait...

Friday, April 3, 2009

Lower Extremity Running Injuries In Long Distance Runners.

I summarized an article on study of lower limbs injuries in long distance runners found in the British Journal of Sport Medicine:

Sports activities and exercises are known to have a positive influence on a person’s physical fitness, as well as to reduce the incidence of obesity, cardiovascular disease, and many other chronic health problems.Because of its easy accessibility, long distance running is practised by many people and along with the growing interest in disease prevention it continues to increase in popularity. However, running may also cause injuries, especially to the lower extremities

Incidence and determinants of lower extremity running injuries in long distance runners: a systematic review

The purpose of this study was to present a systematic overview of published reports on the incidence and associated potential risk factors of lower extremity running injuries in long distance runners.

Thus the primary purpose of this study was to present an overview of published reports describing the incidence of various running injuries of the lower extremities in long distance runners. Our second aim was to identify risk factors associated with these running injuries.

*The incidence of lower extremity running injuries ranged from 19.4% to 79.3%. The predominant site of these injuries was the knee. There was strong evidence that a long training distance per week in male runners and a history of previous injuries were risk factors for injuries, and that an increase in training distance per week was a protective factor for knee injuries.

Incidence of injuries:
The overall incidence of lower extremity injuries found in the 17 studies varied from 19.4% to 79.3%. In other studies in which non-lower-extremity injuries were also described and included in the overall incidence number, the reported incidence for injuries varied from 26.0% to 92.4%.The predominant site of lower extremity injuries was the knee, for which the location specific incidence ranged from 7.2% to 50.0%. Injuries of the lower leg (shin, Achilles tendon, calf, and heel), foot (also toes), and upper leg (hamstring, thigh, and quadriceps) were common, ranging from 9.0% to 32.2%, 5.7% to 39.3%, and 3.4% to 38.1%, respectively. Less common sites of lower extremity injuries were the ankle and the hip/pelvis (also groin), ranging from 3.9% to 16.6% and 3.3% to 11.5%, respectively.

The most common site of lower extremity injuries was the knee (7.2% to 50.0%), followed by the lower leg (9.0% to 32.2%), the foot (5.7% to 39.3%), and the upper leg (3.4% to 38.1%). Less common sites of lower extremity injuries were the ankle (3.9% to 16.6%) and the hip/pelvis (3.3% to 11.5%).Most of running injuries are located in the knee.

Determinants of injuries:

Only limited evidence was found for some of the systemic, lifestyle, and health factors as risk factors for running injuries. These included:

-greater age (a clear cut off point for greater age could not be observed),


-lower leg length difference,

-greater left tubercle–sulcus angle and greater knee varus,

-greater height in male runners,

-drinking alcohol,

-participation in cycling and aerobics, and

-a positive medical history.

We found strong evidence for a:

-greater training distance per week in male runners and

-a history of previous injuries as a risk factor for both male and female runners.

There was also strong evidence that increased training distance per week was a protective factor, although only for knee injuries. It remains unclear why increasing weekly distance is protective for knee injuries.

However, the relation between distance and injury may not be simple and there may be a fine balance between overuse and underconditioning among long distance runners.

For several other training/running related factors we only found limited evidence that they were risk factors:

-greater training frequency in male runners,

-running the whole year through,

-greater training distance in female runners,

-participation in races of greater distance,

-women running on concrete surfaces, competitive male runners,

-increase in days of training per week,

-increase in training distance per week,

-level of experience in running,

-use of more shoes for running, and shoe age

Although limited evidence was found that greater weight and a body mass index of >26 kg/m2 were protective factors, this association may be caused by the fact that in these groups of runners less training activity is being undertaken.


The presence of associations between determinants and running injuries suggests that advice and education may still be necessary.

An unmodifiable risk factor is a history of previous injuries. Runners with this risk factor should pay extra attention to signs of injuries, avoid other determinants of injuries, and take time to recover fully from their injuries.

The training distance per week is a modifiable risk factor and therefore runners should preferably not exceed 64 km/week.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Economic Crisis

This article appeared in The Star yesterday which portrayed how bad is the current economic situation in this country:

Economic crunch hits docs and patients
KUALA LUMPUR: The economic slowdown is biting hard even in the medical profession, causing keen competition in government clinics, with private practitioners also scrambling to get a share of overtime payments.
Several government clinics are now operating much longer, up to 9.30pm daily, with doctors manning them paid RM80 an hour in overtime payments.
Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai, who acknowledged the keen competition going on between government and private doctors for overtime payments, said:
“Many doctors, irrespective of whether they are in the government or private sector, are very keen to earn extra income these days.”
Liow said that to cater to the increasing number of patients seeking treatment at government clinics, the number of clinics providing outpatient treatment would be increased from 16 to 31 soon.
Besides these clinics, he said 59 hospitals were also providing similar treatment after office hours.
Patients pay RM1 each for outpatient treatment at government clinics, which record more than 50 million such visits annually.
With private practitioners charging at least RM15 per visit and with the economic slowdown causing people to tighten their belts, more and more patients are heading to government clinics.
“With more people seeking treatment at government clinics, opening up more such clinics between 5pm and 9.30pm will make it more accessible, especially for those who are working,’’ Liow said in an interview.
The minister said he had received feedback from private doctors on poor business in their clinics due to the economic slowdown.
On allegations that government doctors were being favoured over private practitioners to work overtime in the government clinics, he said:
“The faster approval for government doctors could be due to the fact that their credentials are readily available for checking.”
“As for the private doctors, it may take longer to verify them,’’ he said, adding that all doctors applied for the overtime online

However if you were to read carefully and analyze the current situation then what was written is definitely NOT TRUE!!It was either our Health Minister or the writer is lying.The writer mentioned GPs(private practitioners) are scrambling/competing keenly with government doctors for overtime payment!!

How do you define scrambling?
: to move with urgency or panic.

: to struggle eagerly or unceremoniously for possession of something.

: to get or gather something with difficulty or in irregular ways.

This sound like a very desperate situation where people have no more money to seek private treatment to the extend GPs are going to close their clinics and going back to join government service.

I am sure what was written is not true so I am going to email to the writer asking for her clarification.Maybe she can provide us with some statistics or she can ask the Health Minister to provide us some data.Otherwise it is all empty talk and the Health Minister/writer will lose their credibility. Lets see if she is going to reply.