Tuesday, December 16, 2008

His Story @Agape Church Seremban

Last Saturday our family attended the Christmas musical at the Agape Gospel Assembly Church in Seremban.The church has been organising Christmas musical for the past few years.The title of this year show is His Story and it is about life of Jesus Christ from birth until His death on the cross.The show started at 8.oopm sharp in front of a full audience.The musical performers are very talented and they spent hours training in order to bring us a perfect show.The show ended at about 10.00pm and guests were served light supper.

*Some shepherds were in the fields caring for their sheep when an angel appeared telling the frightened men not to be afraid,"Because I bring you the most joyful news.God's son is born tonight in Bethlehem." Then a whole choir of angels sang"Glory to God...and peace on earth."So the shepherds ran to the village and worshiped the baby.

*On the night Jesus was arrested,He held a special celebration feast for His disciples.He told them He was going to die and when He died He would take away the sins,the evil deeds of the world.Jesus was arrested and taken before a Roman governor.He had Jesus beaten and condemned Jesus to die on a cross.The cross was very heavy and Jesus was forced to carry His own cross through the city to a hill called Calvary.

*One day Jesus led his disciples toward Bethany.He told them to tell everyone in the world that He loved them and He died for them.Then Jesus blessed his disciples and began rising into the sky and disappeared into Heaven.

*Jesus gave His promise to be with us every day and help us live right.He also promised to come back to earth someday to establish His kingdom.

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