Friday, October 31, 2008

My Super Red Arowana Is DEAD!!!

This is my 2nd arowana and had been with me for past 3 years.I have another red tail and a blood red arowana.
Today i decided to change some water from the fish tank and top up some water directly from the main source which i usually did for past 3 years.After water change, i went to work ....3 hours later i received a phone call from home telling me the arowana is dead!!
Rushed home immediately to find my fish floating together with all the feeder fishs in the same tank.However the blood red arowana which was in another tank was ok despite having fresh water added into it's tank earlier at the same time. The dead arowana....looked redder than when in the tank..

Found a small plot of land in front of my house...digged a hole and buried my arowana.
Cause of death..probably due to pH shock.Total loss...few thousands ringgit.


Anonymous said...

Sorry bro. Sayang. shes beautiful

Murali said...

truly very said :(