Friday, October 31, 2008

My Super Red Arowana Is DEAD!!!

This is my 2nd arowana and had been with me for past 3 years.I have another red tail and a blood red arowana.
Today i decided to change some water from the fish tank and top up some water directly from the main source which i usually did for past 3 years.After water change, i went to work ....3 hours later i received a phone call from home telling me the arowana is dead!!
Rushed home immediately to find my fish floating together with all the feeder fishs in the same tank.However the blood red arowana which was in another tank was ok despite having fresh water added into it's tank earlier at the same time. The dead arowana....looked redder than when in the tank..

Found a small plot of land in front of my house...digged a hole and buried my arowana.
Cause of death..probably due to pH shock.Total loss...few thousands ringgit.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


It has been 12 years since i last visited Langkawi.I took the opportunity to visit Langkawi during the Deepavali holidays break.Took Airasia flight which i booked early in the year during the Airasia sales..very very cheap.Visited Kuah town and jetty,took some photos of the great eagle which look almost the same after so many years.However the surrounding places were poorly maintain...and very quiet and deserted.
Went for a ride on the cable a place call Oriental Village.The place is quite crowded on that day,many queueing up to buy tickets for the cable car ride.For malaysian,we have to show our Mykad to entitle for discount.Adult RM15 children RM5...malaysian,non-malaysian adult RM 18 and children RM15.

The ride was comfortable...nothing much to see on that day due to cloudy wheather.There were one stop before reaching the peak.

The view from the first stop...showing the peak and observation towers..

This walk way was closed for rennovation...should be interesting and scary to walk across it especially when the wind is blowing.

Another view taken from cable car... aiyo!!the cloudy wheather .
Nearby Oriental Village is Telaga Harbour Park...where we can see beautiful boats and bakery shop..The Loaf aka Tun Mahathir's bakery.
.Inside The Loaf...lots of nice cakes,breads and pastries....nicely made but expensive!

Everyone of them looks nice and delicious...can't help but to choose each of them.

These looks nice..tasty and expensive...RM6 each for such a small piece.

The trip was fun...we had a great time at the beach and the pool.
However i think Langkawi doesn't attract as many tourist as 12 years is slow,traders complain of slow business and the biggest mall in Langkawi was deserted!!Where are all the tourists....???

Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm Running In The Rain.....

Woke up at 5 am today,getting ready for a long run with Yee.However there was a sudden burst of shower lasting for a minute.Yee called asking me if i want to proceed with the run.Well..i said just go ahead,since i don't have much opportunity to do long distance running.This was my 2nd long run,the first was 3 weeks ago with Yee,Eric,Heng & gang.They did 30km...i only manage to do 20km at that time.

Started our run at 530am,proceed to City Park.It started to rain halfway during the run,we decided to continue.Yee,a veteran in running always welcome light rain to cool down the body and the surrounding making run more pleasant.However for a beginner like me..always afraid of rain cos i had been taught by parents since young not to play in the rain...not to get my head wet in the rain or else we will get cold,fever etc.

We ran from Rasah Kemayan to City Park,around the lake ,back to RK...did 2 rounds of "double hills' in RasahKemayan then around Section 6 before finishing at my distance about 22 km.

Well...running in the rain was not so bad after all...i did not get fever or flu...

Yee..running in the Mizuno Wave Run 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My New Running Shoe

Got this shoe after Mizuno Race on it from Mizuno stall at the race site.Price is very cheap compared to my previous 2 Reebok shoes so decided to give this shoe a try.Don't know much about this shoe before buying it.Some review from website...

Mizuno Wave™
SmoothRide Engineered, Rubber Parallel Wave provides optimal cushioning and flexibility for the high-arched rigid foot type.

Engineering approach to minimize the rapid acceleration and deceleration of the foot during transition creating the smoothest ride possible.

Lightweight, responsive, yet durable cushioning copolymer.

Provides the utmost in breathability and comfort of the upper.

The most durable carbon rubber that allows for longer wear in high impact areas and supplements traction at heel strike.

Blown rubber forefoot outsole design for cushioning and flexibility.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mizuno Wave Run 2008

This was a race which i had been anxiously waiting for...the reason :it was supposed to be a tough one,as reported by bloogers and chatters in online chat rooms.

Somehow i managed to sleep well the night before the race...woke up at 4.30 am,breakfast,bath etc.Drove to Seremban Toll to wait for Heng&friends at 5.30am.Everyone was very punctual...arrived at Bukit Aman carpark at 6.10am...already many runners ere there.

Walk to Padang Merbok about 600 meters away.Met Yee,Eric&gang...had a short chat with them.

Race started at about 7.30am...there was 3100 runners,so it was packed at the starting line....have to walk to the starting line where we were supposed to step on a mat in order to activate our running clip which was fixed on our running shoes.

I ran from the start...had to squeeze through between runners and at some point running at the side,on the grass to avoid the human crowd.It was uphill from the start..i was feeling breathless during the first km probably due to lack of warmup.Anyway,telling myself to carry on..have to finish within 60minutes.As the race body felt better,pacing also constant.

Half way through the race...can hear runners grunting,some with heavy breathing,some even loudly announced they are tired,their legs were aching,some were walking,some even split out phlegms/saliva and some with bad..bad body odour!!All these negatives input do affect me....especially those grunting and loud talkers.My legs began to feel the pain after having to run this hilly route but my mind kept on reminding me to keep on going.

There was no road marks,so i can't tell how far i had run,eventually a pacesetter member informed runners only 2.3km remaining.Wow..what a relieve...i increased my speed a bit,overtook quite a few runners and finally saw the race site.Suddenly i felt more energetic...speed towards the finishing line.My watch time was about 56 mintues...position stated 436, need to wait for final confirmation of the clip time from the orgainser.

Received a goody bag(some discount vouchers,deep heat cream,a bottle of water,a Gardenia bun) and most important was the medal!However the medal doesn't look good to me...inferior quality,fragile and light.So better handle with care or else it might break into half...ha..ha..ha.

Felt very happy with the run, my timing and the event.Took some light foods..mainly watermelon,bananas,beanscurd,milo provided free after the race.Met with the rest...Heng&friends bought some shoes,socks and shorts from Mizuno stall.

Drove back and reach Seremban at 10.30am....feeling good,confident and having "runner's high".My next first half marathon in Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon this coming December.

Monday, October 13, 2008

New Balance Klang Pacer 12km Run

This is my 2nd run for 2008 ,the first was the 10km run in Seremban Half Marathon.

Since the rest of my running members were not going,i had to drive alone from Seremban at 5.00am to Klang.Reached Padang Sulaiman at 6.00am and went straight to collect my race pack/vest.

warming up session before the race.

Later met Eric and his gang from Bukit Jelutong,had a short chat before the race started at about 7.00am.Running at my usual pace along busy and polluted main road...the wheather is fine...the terrain is not difficult since it is mostly flat....and i took 67 minutes to complete the race.Along the way i can see some fit,fast and tough lady runners who overtook many male runners....respect and salute to them!!

Picture of me running.... in orange vest...looking too slow and tired.ha..ha...ha

After the run,went to have quick breakfast provided by the organiser...mainly bananas,oranges,bread,100 plus,milo,mineral drinks etc.

checking on race positions and most important....lucky draw results

for the winners....

medals for all the finishers...
Drove back immediately to Seremban to attend my church services.

Overall...quite satisfied with my performance and the whole event.

My next run...Mizuno Wave Run on 19 oct 2008 .
PS:pictures taken from Klang Pacers blog...many thanks to them.

Why now....??

Why now starting a blog?

well...for your information,i had set a few "to do "lists for year 2008 and one of it is to try starting a blog.

The others were to:

1)learning mandarin language

2)to exercise regularly and to keep fit

3)to run a half marathon.

As we are coming to the end of 2008...i have to complete my "to do" lists before setting on my new resolutions for 2009.

OK..let's see how it goes from here..